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Company details: Name: UAB ALD Automotive Address: Eitminų str. 3, LT-12113 Vilnius, Lithuania Reg. code: 300156575 VAT code: LT100002060212 Bank: Luminor Bank AB Bank account No: LT532140030000295222 Tel. No.: +370 5 24 777 60 E-mail: info.lt@aldautomotive.com

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Customer Service Tel. No.: +370 5 24 777 68 (working hours 8:30 - 17:00) 24h road side assistance Tel. No.: +370 5 243 14 10 (non-working hours) E-mail: service.lt@aldautomotive.com

Justina Nagytė Sales manager Tel. No.: +370 652 34 888 E-mail: justina.nagyte@aldautomotive.com

Marius Rutelionis Sales manager Tel. No.: +370 652 888 12 E-mail: marius.rutelionis@aldautomotive.com

Vaidotas Mockevičius Business development manager Tel. No.: +370 650 307 66 E-mail: vaidotas.mockevicius@aldautomotive.com

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Use contact form or an e-mail: service.lt@aldautomotive.com

Extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes

For extra-judicial settlement of disputes, private individuals (consumers) can apply to the Consumer Dispute Committee, an independent collegial decision-making body that, based on a consumer’s application, resolves a dispute between a consumer and a seller or service provider.

State Consumer Rights Protection Authority Address: Vilniaus str. 25, LT-01402 Vilnius Phone: +370 52 626 751 E-mail: tarnyba@vvtat.lt Customer rights information system (e-services): www.vtis.lt Website: www.vvtat.lt