Ayvens Flex

Lease a vehicle quickly and easily at short notice.

Sometimes you need a flexible solution. Whether you're hiring a new employee, working on a short project, or have a seasonal business, Ayvens Flex has you covered. We offer short-term vehicle leases with no fixed monthly costs and no early termination fees to match your unique needs.

The benefits of Ayvens Flex

  1. No early termination costs

    You determine how long you want to have the vehicle, and if plans change and you want to return it sooner, you will not be charged with an early termination fee.

  2. Full-service leasing

    Full-service leasing for a fixed monthly fee, including maintenance, repair, tyres, insurance and road taxes.

  3. Immediately available

    There’s a wide range of young vehicles immediately available. You just have to select the category.

  4. Always mobile

    Road assistance is of course included, and if repairing the vehicle takes more than one day, we will provide a replacement vehicle.

Ayvens Flex allows you to lease a car for a short term while enjoying the same level of services and terms as an operational lease car. The key advantage is that the periods of use are flexible, as you can lease a car starting from 3 month. You can also end the contract free of charge when you no longer need the vehicle. Insurance, maintenance, etc. are also included in the monthly lease price.

FAQ: What is Ayvens Flex?

What is Ayvens Flex? The flexibility to have a full-service lease from 3-24 months, a vehicle that’s available immediately, no early termination fees if you decide to return it early and a replacement vehicle if your car is out of service (for repairs) for more than 1 day.What insurance cover is included in Ayvens Flex? With standard insurance you’re insured for, third party liability, personal indemnity, own damage, catastrophic events, roadside assistance and legal expenses.What lease periods are available to me? We offer Ayvens Flex vehicles for lease periods from 3 – 24 months.What services are included in my Ayvens Flex contract? The price includes the lease of the vehicle, financing of the vehicle, road tax, routine maintenance, insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring a hassle-free driving experience.