Our Services

Regular maintenance & repairs

Need to make an appointment for maintenance or have to arrange a repair? With Ayvens we take care of everything you need for your car.


Our cars are equipped with the tires according to the respective seasonal requirements. The tires to be used during the next season are stored at our partners providing tire storage and replacement services.


Our cars are insured for entire leasing period with CMTPL insurance (compulsory motor third party liability insurance) and CASCO insurance (voluntary motor own damage insurance).

Road side assistance

If you suddenly find your car not working, Ayvens’ is here to help with roadside assistance at home and abroad.

Replacement vehicle

We provides temporary replacement vehicle where a vehicle is immobilised.

Door to door services

Ayvens will pick up the car from your office and returns it back on the same address after the ordered works are done.

Fuel and charging card

With Fuel Credit Card issued by Ayvens you can purchase fuel, car-related goods (e.g. washing liquid etc.) and pay for services available at petrol stations.

Need roadside assistance: call us at +372 630 8970