Ayvens tyre services

At Ayvens, we prioritise your safety on the road, and one key aspect of that is ensuring your vehicle's tyres are in an optimal condition. Checking your tyre tread and pressure are essential and when the time comes for new tyres, don’t delay!

Tire management

Ayvens cars are equipped with the tires according to the respective seasonal requirements. The tires to be used during the next season are stored at our partners providing tire storage and replacement services.

Our specialists evaluate the condition of the tires. If a high wear has been detected, tires will be replaced. The minimal wear of summer tires is 1,6 mm and winter tires 3,0 mm. In Estonia the use of winter tires is recommended in the period from 15 October till 30 April. The use of winter tires is compulsory from 1 December till 31 March.

To avoid long queues during tire change season, please contact Ayvens Automotive Customer Service as early as possible for tire change appointment.

If you have booked an appointment for tire change but can’t make to the scheduled appointment, please contact Ayvens Automotive or our partner.