Sale & leaseback

Unlock capital, enhance efficiency.

By effortlessly switching to full-service lease, you can gain from a number of financial and operational benefits including improved cash flow, fixed funding rates and no risks on vehicle depreciation.

We will buy and manage your fleet of vehicles. You benefit from ready money and just pay a fixed monthly rate that includes professional support for your fleet.

Complete transparancy

Inclusions and exclusions

The service and maintenance package covers general fair wear and tear maintenance and manufacturer-recommended servicing. However, it excludes coverage for misuse, accident damage, and vehicle glass replacements.

Operating lease structure

This offer is a full-service lease product meaning you do not gain ownership of the vehicle, and there is no option for purchase at the contract's conclusion.

Operational service & maintenance package

A service and maintenance package is available, with eligibility determined by the vehicle's age and mileage.

Duration and mileage limits

The minimum contract duration is 24 months, with an annual mileage limit set at [enter max mileage].

Excess mileage policy

If the vehicle surpasses the agreed-upon contract milage, an excess mileage charge will be applied.

Eligibility and approval

Sale and leaseback is accessible for batches comprising 20 vehicles or more.

Credit evalution

Leasing is contingent upon the applicant's status and credit acceptance.

How does sale and leaseback work?

  1. Needs analysis and advice from our experts on products for the future use of the fleet. Followed by the calculation of the leasing rate.
  2. Signing of service agreements and individual contracts.
  3. Payment or cancellation of the existing financial agreement.

Benefits of sale and leaseback?

Financial benefits
Operational efficiency
Control and convenience