Driven by strong values

Our culture

At Ayvens, our people make the difference. After all, our company is where the very best talent in the mobility industry comes to make a meaningful impact. And our culture supports us on this journey – because in all we do, we’re guided by four fundamental principles.

We're collaborative

We work as one team, leveraging our collective knowledge and sharing best practices across the company. We listen actively to others so we can provide the best solutions and services to all our stakeholders.

We’re committed

We deliver on our promises and we don’t shy away from a challenge. We’re a trusted partner to our colleagues, customers, suppliers and regulators.

We’re curious

We ask questions and challenge the status quo so we can keep improving. We seek out internal and external opportunities to learn and grow. We innovate and adapt constantly so we always deliver the best offering to our customers.

We’re authentic

We build a respectful and inclusive work environment where everyone feels safe bringing their true self to work. We’re honest and transparent with each other. We recognise that our diversity is our strength as we tackle our challenges together.

Here for you, every step of the way

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is embedded into our Ayvens culture. In fact, we see our differences as one of our biggest assets. When you join us, you’ll be part of a diverse team in a progressive environment; one where everyone can access equal opportunities and feel they truly belong. We want all our colleagues to be able to thrive, to feel safe and to be themselves, no matter who they are.

But we also recognise that DE&I is an ongoing process. Together, we’ll continue to build and nurture a company that reflects the society we operate in. Not only will this help us generate new ideas, deliver innovative solutions and make better, more balanced decisions as we address the sustainable mobility challenge, but it’s also central to our promise of being a responsible employer.

Ayvens DE&I ambitions

Our team composition

Ensuring we advance gender and cultural diversity across every layer of our organisation.

Our ways of working

Embedding DE&I into our policies, processes, behaviours and governance so it becomes second nature.

Our knowledge

Developing and embedding strong awareness of and knowledge on DE&I topics with all internal and external stakeholders.