ALD Automotive Luxembourg becomes Ayvens

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Luxembourg's leading leasing company becomes Ayvens
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ALD Automotive | Leaseplan today unveils Ayvens, its new global mobility brand, uniting the two organizations under a single identity. This new brand represents a milestone following the launch of its three-year strategic development plan in September 2023.

In Luxembourg, founded in 1985, ALD Automotive is the market leader in sustainable mobility solutions, including fleet electrification, fleet management, short and medium-term rental for the professional sector and private leasing. By bringing together complementary skills and expertise, the group saw the opportunity to improve future mobility. This new brand pursues this goal by defining the company's unique positioning in the market, highlighting what makes it different and the value it brings to different customers. The promise of this new brand is to "make life flow better" by ensuring simpler, smarter and more sustainable mobility.

The new Ayvens Group is emerging as the world's leading player in sustainable mobility. With the world's largest multi-brand fleet of electric vehicles out of a total of 3.4 million vehicles under management, the company aims to lead the way towards the goal of net zero emissions and to continue the sector's digital transformation.

The new brand creates a strong identity for the grouping of two well-known players in the sector, notably through :


Ayvens is a name that sticks in the mind, simple yet statutory, a name that points the way forward. It's accompanied by a logo that represents the two companies coming together to form a single team, working together towards a common goal, with a strong, stable foundation at its base, and a fluid, rising shape symbolizing progress and dynamism. The new name is strongly supported by the group's majority shareholder, Société Générale.

A new graphic identity

The graphic identity conveys energy thanks to a friendly, modern typeface, but also thanks to vibrant, unique colors inspired by the natural environment and created to stand out in the market. The visuals chosen breathe joy and dynamism, capturing the very essence of mobility by highlighting it through magnificent moments anchored in everyday life.

A new brand slogan

"Better with every move" reflects the company's core mission of ensuring better mobility through continuous progress for customers, businesses and the planet.


"Ayvens is the name of the new group created by the integration of LeasePlan and ALD. By combining the strengths and expertise of two of the world's leading players, Ayvens becomes the global leader in sustainable mobility. Today, Ayvens manages a total fleet of 3.4 million vehicles worldwide, including over 20,000 in Luxembourg. Behind this change, our promise to the Luxembourg market remains unchanged: to bring value to our customers and offer them a quality experience, with consistency and reliability,"

explains Dominique Roger, Managing Director of Ayvens Luxembourg.

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About Ayvens Luxembourg

ALD Automotive Luxembourg, founded in 1985, is the market leader in Luxembourg for sustainable mobility solutions, including fleet electrification, private leasing, fleet management and short and medium-term rental for the professional sector . In addition to its headquarters in Strassen, ALD Automotive Luxembourg is present in Kehlen (Ayvens Mobility Center) For further information, please visit .

With 150 employees, ALD Automotive Luxembourg manages 20,300 vehicles (end March 2024) under operating and flexible leasing contracts.

ALD Automotive is ISO 9001-2015 certified, a member of Mobiz (Rental and Mobility Business Association), ESR-labeled (Socially Responsible Company), a member of IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability), winner of the 2015-2016 Luxembourg Quality Prize (awarded by MLQE), "Made in Luxembourg" label since 2017, elected Best Place to Work by the Great Place to Work organization in 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023 and Ecovadis Platinum certified every year since 2019.

ALD Automotive Luxembourg is part of the Ayvens Group, the world leader in sustainable mobility, committed to making life more fluid.

About Ayvens Group

Ayvens is the leading global player in sustainable mobility, committed to improving the fluidity of life. We've been improving mobility for decades, providing comprehensive rental services, flexible subscription services, fleet management and multi-mobility solutions to large international corporations, SMEs, professionals and private individuals. With 14,600 employees in 42 countries, 3.4 million vehicles and the world's largest multi-brand EV fleet, we leverage our unique position to lead the way to net zero and spearhead the digital transformation of the mobility sector. (The company is listed on compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN: FR0013258662; Ticker: ALD). The Société Générale Group is Ayvens' majority shareholder). For further information, visit

**Gerrit Canipel **Sales & Marketing Director

T +352 31 05 36 57 M +352 661 310 557

Published at April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024
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