Insurance to protect your drivers and fleet

Fleet insurance typically makes up 10% to 15% of a fleet's total cost of ownership. To optimise fleet insurance costs, Ayvens offers a distinctive approach: 3D Coverage. This service integrates fleet insurance into fleet management, providing competitive cover, active prevention, and easier fleet management benefits. It addresses both upfront costs and hidden costs from accidents and process inefficiencies. 3D Coverage helps drive down your total cost of ownership on three fronts.

Competitive cover

Competitive cover is the first dimension of fleet insurance and can be tailored to your needs. Companies can choose from various risk structures and coverage options that match their risk tolerance, including several supplementary covers designed to maximise fleet cost predictability.

Active prevention

Active prevention is the second pillar of 3D coverage. With Ayvens' help, we set up programmes to make accidents happen less often, up to 30% less. The good things about this are easy to see: drivers are safer, insurance costs go down, and your business runs smoother. Safer driving even saves money on fuel and cuts down on CO2 emissions. Our programmes come with reports and smart tools that help you lower the number of accidents. You can check out our 5-step plan to make safety better and reduce damage

Easier fleet management

The third pillar is easier fleet management. Ayvens uses its many years of experience in fleet insurance and fleet management to make fleet-related tasks easier. With a one-stop approach for both drivers and fleet managers, which can save up to 250 EUR per vehicle each year. Ayvens takes care of things like issuing policies, renewing them, and ending them according to the leasing agreement. If there's an accident, we make sure it's dealt with quickly, so it doesn't cause too much trouble. Fleet managers don't have to juggle between the leasing company and the insurance company and drivers get good care and support from Ayvens.

Comprehensive driver insurance

At Ayvens, we recognise that accidents can happen and that’s why we offer insurance to provide an additional layer of protection. Ayvens insurance offers a full range of insurance options for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  1. Comprehensive Cover

    Covers accidental loss or damage. Including damage by fire, theft or broken glass. It also includes recovery from Third Parties when not at fault. Included is the legal liability for third party property damage, bodily injury or death caused by the insured driver arising from the use of the insured vehicle.

  2. Personal indemnity

    Provides a benefit in the event of death or bodily injury to the driver and/or passengers of an insured vehicle.

  3. Roadside assistance

    In the event of a breakdown or accident, roadside assistance is covered. If the vehicle is not roadworthy, it also covers vehicle towing costs, driver/passenger transport, accommodation costs and a replacement vehicle.

  4. Legal expenses

    Covers costs incurred when taking a civil action against a third part to recover uninsured losses. It also provides cover for defending a criminal action against the driver of the insured vehicle.