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At Ayvens, we understand that leasing needs can vary widely. Our range of leasing options is designed to cater to your unique requirements, whether you're seeking short-term flexibility or a long-term commitment. With a selection of leasing choices, it’s easy to find the ideal solution for your lifestyle or business. Your leasing journey begins with a world of options at Ayvens.

Full-service leasing
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Business lease deals

Ayvens Flex

Ayvens Flex is a flexible and short-term leasing solution for businesses that need flexibility in fleet management. With Ayvens Flex you can lease a vehicle for as short as one month and you can cancel at any time, without early termination costs. An Ayvens Flex lease gives businesses the advantages of a full-service lease without the long term commitments of a typical lease.

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Ayvens Electric

Ready to make the switch to a battery electric car, van or fleet? Ayvens’ can support drivers and fleet managers in finding the right electric car for you or your business. Whether it’s a battery electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid or hybrid. Ayvens’ offers end to end support for making the switch to sustainable vehicles.

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Commercial vehicle leasing

A van is not a car and at Ayvens we treat commercial vehicles differently than passenger cars. From vehicle choice, to racking and uptime management, you can find the best light commercial vehicles for your business. Thinking of electrifying your commercial fleet? Get in contact with us for expert advice on where to begin.

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Sale and leaseback

Need cash for your business quickly? With sale and leaseback, Ayvens will buy your vehicles from you and you can continue using them by leasing them back from Ayvens. Your business can benefit from improved cash flow, fleet management support and no risks on depreciation.

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