Lease car buyout: a seamless transition to ownership

End of your lease but the beginning of a new journey! At Ayvens, we understand the bond you create with your lease car. That's why we offer you the golden opportunity to make it yours at an incredibly attractive price. Discover why buying your lease car is the smart choice for you.

Why should you buy your lease car?

When your lease contract concludes, it doesn't have to be goodbye. Here's why making your lease car your own is a win-win:

Your car, your decision

Whether you want it as your second car or to replace your family car. Keep your beloved car for a perfect ride.

Simple process, great savings

When your lease ends, we’ll send you an email. Click the link, explore the options, and if you’re eligible, fill out the form below. Within days, receive a budget-friendly quote in your inbox.

Seize the opportunity

Our prices are hard to beat. Drive home in your familiar, trusted car without breaking the bank.

Benefits of buying your lease car

  1. Lowest price, highest value

    It’s hard to find a better deal elsewhere. The price you pay is remarkably low, ensuring you get maximum value for your money.

  2. Your car, your story

    You know your car inside out. From its unique features to its impeccable service history, your lease car has been a reliable companion. Who better to own it than you?

  3. Peace of mind

    Rest easy knowing your car's entire journey. You're aware of its current condition, thanks to your careful maintenance and authorised dealer services.

  4. Worry-free warranty

    Enjoy confidence with a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years. We've got you covered for any unexpected surprises.

  5. Important conditions

    Ensure your car has less than 180,000 km on the odometer. If you meet this criterion, you're eligible to buy. Note: Private lease cars are excluded from this offer.

Ready to own your lease car?

Your journey to ownership starts here. Simply fill out our obligation-free form. If your lease car is within 4 months of its contract end, you're eligible.

Contact us now to transform your lease car into your dream car!
Let’s make it happen together.