Environmental commitment

At Ayvens, we believe that acting responsibly is the key to our future. And we also believe that, by being part of the solution to the problems our world is facing – from climate change to inequality and beyond – we can bring benefits to all our stakeholders.

Global approach

We are committed to a holistic, global approach to addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues - all based on four sustainability pillars. These pillars constitute, in other words, the four-wheel-drive system that powers everything we do.

1. Creating a greener future with comprehensive solutions

Ayven leads the charge in delivering low-emission solutions to more customers than ever before. Our goal is for 50% of our new vehicle deliveries to be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2026, with battery EVs (BEVs) alone accounting for 40% (global/corporate target). We are continuously working on developing comprehensive solutions for the entire value chain, which combined with the development of digital tools, will contribute to the low-emission goals.

2. Our Global Impact: Sustainability Throughout the Value Chain

You can download Ayven's Norway climate accounts here.

We are also active contributors in many fields related to climate and transportation issues and are frequently invited to present our work in this area at various seminars and conferences. We collaborate with the Environmental Foundation ZERO on several projects related to transportation and the environment.

We are active advisors to our clients on how to assemble the most suitable vehicle fleet for their business with a strong focus on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Ayven's Norway (formerly LeasePlan Norway) is certified according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. Download our ISO certificate here.

3. We take our responsibility very seriously

As a publicly listed and ECB-regulated industry leader, we take our responsibility very seriously. Ayven is committed to complying with external regulatory requirements and managing risks (including credit, residual value, and asset and liability risks) in a responsible and efficient manner, so that we can continue to deliver sustainable value to all our stakeholders, including the planet. We have a robust governance framework, supported by the best guidelines and resources of our parent organization, the Societe Generale group. Our goal is for 100% of our customers and suppliers to be covered by our KYC/KYS assessments by 2030.

Are you a supplier, customer, or interested in becoming a customer? Go through the KYC process here.

Transparency Act Ayven's Norway shall conduct due diligence assessments in accordance with the Transparency Act every year and publish a statement on the assessments by 30 June. Read more about the Transparency Act and our report here.

4. Be a supportive and responsible employer

At Ayven's, we recognize that our employees are our greatest and most valuable resource. They drive our success, and in turn, we ensure to prioritize their well-being. We ensure an engaging employee experience, offer exciting development opportunities, and promote a diverse and inclusive culture (including aiming to ensure that women make up 35% of Ayven's leadership bodies by 2030). In short, we continuously work to provide a great experience for everyone, regardless of who or where they are. It's part of our commitment to have a positive social impact.

Whistleblowing Channels and Complaint Mechanisms The Whistleblowing Hotline is established as a reporting channel for our own employees, suppliers, business partners, and the public to report possible violations of fundamental human rights or decent working conditions. Learn more here.