Ayvens Toll Crossing Tag

Ayvens Norway is an approved issuer for AutoPASS toll crossing tags from Statens Vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration).

As a customer of LeasePlan, your company will get the AutoPASS tags issued directly from us. The benefits of collecting all fleet costs in one place are many, and now we will also collect all toll crossings and costs associated with passes in My Fleet, updated after only 48 hours.

New leasing car If the company has decided that Ayvens will manage toll-subscription, the AutoPASS tag will accompany the car when handing over a new car. Install this as instructed immediately.

Ferries With a toll-subscription via Ayvens, we can order an additional agreement with AutoPASS ferry or a ferry card for you. Contact us by email / phone if you have any questions, or send in a form via the website.

Heavy vehicle A valid chip must always be fitted in heavy vehicles to avoid high extra charges.

The customer`s obligations / contract terms

If there are questions related to the Ayvens AutoPASS tags, please contact kundeservice@leaseplan.n

Order Ayven's toll tag
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