Charging on the go

Everything you need to know about charging on the go

If you want to use a charger on the road, you can find both fast chargers and public chargers in Norway. There are several apps you can use to find your nearest charger, but also more and more cars have navigations that help you find the nearest charger. You also see a charging map further down on the page.

In short,

You can find charging stations by using apps, the car's navigation system, or the charging map you find on this page.

A challenge for new electric car drivers can be 'fast charging' when they are used to gas stations. For electric car drivers, they compare gas stations with home charging, but on longer trips, electric car drivers have to resort to a 'pit stop' to fast charge.

There are two different types of fast chargers: traditional fast charging and rapid charging. In short, this means that the battery receives a lot of power in a short time, and if you use rapid charging, you get more power than with traditional fast charging. Of course, there is a difference in how much power the different cars can receive.

With a fast charger, the charger itself is moved out of the car. This charger has high capacity and bypasses the car's built-in charger. This makes the charging time much shorter than if you were to charge on a home-installed charger.

Where do I find fast chargers? Further down, you'll see a map you can use to navigate to your nearest charger. But there are also many different apps you can download and use to get an overview.

How do I use a fast charger?

How long should I fast charge?

7.4 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery7h45m
  • 75 kWh EV battery10h

11 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery5h15m
  • 75 kWh EV battery6h45m

50 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery53 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery1h20m

150 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery18 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery27 min
What options do I have for charging an electric car? You can charge your electric car at home, at work, or at a public charging station.If my charging card doesn't work everywhere, how can I charge? If your charging card doesn't work at a charging station, it may be that the card is not recognized or accepted by the operator of the charging station. You can check [here](targetSelf:/en-no/my-car/ayvens-charging-chip/) which operators are included in our charging card.

Charging map

How much does public charging cost?

The costs for public charging depend on the operator of the charging station. Prices may include a start fee (one-time fee) and can be based on either per minute or per kWh. Using fast chargers is more expensive than regular public charging stations or charging at home. It's good to consider if the speed advantage is worth it compared to the higher cost.

Minute-based charging: The operator charges you based on the time your car is connected to the charging station. This means you pay as long as you are parked at the charging station, even after charging is complete. For stations using this system, especially fast chargers, you may see a sign stating: "fees apply as long as your car is connected to the charging station, even when charging has already stopped."

Charging per kWh: This operator charges based on kWh consumption in combination with the parking time at the charging station. When you have a corporate lease with Ayvens, the costs of charging the car are covered by the employer via Ayvens. Check with your employer what is allowed regarding charging at public stations.