Embrace a greener fleet with Ayvens' sustainable solutions

Are you considering transitioning your fleet to electric, but the hurdles seem daunting? At Ayvens, we simplify the process, offering expert guidance tailored to your fleet strategy, driver needs and the availability of electric vehicles and charging solutions. Our team of specialists provides active support throughout your transition, answering driver queries and offering FAQs and tips. We go beyond advice and can work with you on implementing and monitoring the transition to electric.

Active support in your transition to an electric fleet

Choosing the right charging solution

Embracing electric isn't just environmentally friendly; it's a practical choice for your business and drivers. Ayvens simplifies this transition by helping you choose the optimal charging solution. We provide support for home and workplace charging, covering 90% of charging needs. With over 20,000 public charging points in Norway, the infrastructure is growing rapidly. We assess your requirements, select suitable electric vehicles, and design charging solutions tailored to you, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

With Ayvens' charging card, you can charge at most public charging stations with a single card.

Expert advice tailored to you

Selecting the right electric vehicle for specific purposes and drivers can be challenging. At Ayvens, we offer expert advice, considering the vehicle purpose, driver preferences, and charging options. Our EV consultancy extends to electric vehicle financing, fleet management, maintenance, and insurance, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your electric vehicle needs. Ayvens’ Consultancy Services works with a 5-step approach to EV fleet transition. These steps are:

  1. Diagnose

    Ayvens Consultants help clients benchmark against peers, assess EV readiness, establish cost baselines, and define achievable targets.

  2. Model TCO & CO2 scenarios

    Working with you we will create TCO and CO2 models and scenarios tailored to your fleet strategy.

  3. Select the best mobility solutions

    Optimising fleet costs, selecting the right vehicles and OEM partners, exploring multimodal mobility options, and tailoring charging solutions to both your commercial and passenger fleets are all crucial at this stage.

  4. Engage your stakeholders and employees

    Working with you, we will help engage your stakeholders and employees to strengthen your business case by providing materials for employee training and internal meetings.

  5. Implement, monitor and optimise

    Updating mobility policies, introducing reporting capabilities to track TCO and CO2 evolution, measing employee satisfaction and more are all included in the final stage of the transition plan.

Why wait? Start electric today!

Ayvens is your partner in embracing a sustainable and efficient fleet. Join the electric revolution and drive towards a greener tomorrow. Learn more about electric driving in our blog and make the change today.

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