Electrify your fleet

Why electrify the vehicle fleet?

  1. Medium-ayv_icon_Ecodrive_SBlueEnvironmentally friendly profile

    Road traffic represents 10-15% of the world's CO2 emissions. To meet the Paris Agreement and Norway's climate goals by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. Electric cars also contribute to better local air quality.

  2. electric-drivingMore affordable

    The electricity used by the company for charging is cheaper than fossil fuels, while electric vehicles also come with some additional benefits. Electric motors also require less maintenance.

  3. checkmarkPredictability

    Electric cars will not be affected by driving bans! Zero-emission goals will have significant implications for those who live, work, and deliver goods/services in the city.

  4. reportingEver-growing and better selection

    In today's passenger car segment, there are now models available in almost every market segment and price range. This means that customers can demand much more based on their actual needs and choose a car type accordingly.

  5. magnifierConsumer expectations

    One out of three individuals in today's society is concerned that delivery vehicles should also be electric cars.

Actual range

How far can you drive with an electric car?

Electric cars are continually improving their range, and the number of new models with long range capabilities is increasing. Concurrently, the number of charging stations along roads has also increased, which should collectively weaken the rational basis for range anxiety.

However, many electric car drivers wonder: can we actually trust the stated range (WLTP)? Every year, NAF and Motor test the actual range of electric cars on the Norwegian market, both in winter and summer conditions. In the latest tests, the results were as follows:

Summer 2023 range test: The majority of cars did not achieve the stated range. Only 12 out of 32 cars drove farther than the stated range.

Winter 2023 range test: None of the cars achieved the stated range. The 29 cars tested fell between 10 to 35 percent short of the manufacturers' official range.


The range and consumption of electric cars are now determined by a testing cycle called WLTP (World Light Vehicle Test Procedure). The WLTP procedure is intended to be a more accurate and realistic measurement method than the previous testing cycle, NEDC (New European Driving Cycle).

How to electrify the vehicle fleet?

  1. magnifierVehicle requirements & driving patterns

    Start by mapping out current vehicle requirements and driving patterns. What is the number of stops and kilometers driven per day?

  2. chargingCharging facilities

    Are there sufficient charging facilities overnight? Is it possible to facilitate charging at work? Are there local support schemes for the establishment of charging points?

  3. Medium-ayv_icon_Ecodrive_SBlueElectric car ambassadors

    Identify electric car ambassadors among the employees to advocate for the change. For companies looking to electrify their vehicle fleet, dissatisfied car users can make electric cars challenging to phase in. It is therefore important to collaborate with those who will drive the cars and let them feel that they are involved in shaping the car policy process.

  4. carStart small!

    Start with a pilot for a limited selection of cars.

Questions about the vehicle fleet?
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