Discover the benefits of leasing:

a smarter way to drive

Leasing a car has never been easier, thanks to Ayvens. Discover the numerous benefits of leasing with us and how operational leasing can give you peace of mind throughout your contract.

How leasing works

Seamless driving solutions for every mile.

Leasing means enjoying a brand-new car without unexpected costs. For a fixed monthly fee covering maintenance and repairs, experience a hassle-free ride with our expert support. At Ayvens, we ensure convenience, clarity, and high-quality vehicles, all at an affordable, fixed monthly rate. No surprises, just a straightforward and enjoyable driving experience.

Full-service leasing with Ayvens is the smart choice for managing your car costs. It's straightforward and worry-free.

Step 1

Choose your car

Select your ideal vehicle from our broad selection of models, configure it to your preferences, and request a quote with just a few clicks.
Step 2

Determine your monthly fee

Our flexible contracts allow you to tailor your lease based on the duration and expected mileage. We make sure it fits your budget.
Step 3

Enjoy the drive

With Ayvens, there are no unexpected costs, and assistance is always available. Choose leasing and enjoy a seamless driving experience.

Advantages of leasing

Leasing a car isn't just about having a vehicle; it's about experiencing a new way of driving. With leasing, you can enjoy the perks of a new car without the long-term commitment and costs of ownership. Here's why leasing might be the right choice for you:

  1. Vehicle financing

    Ayvens wants to purchase your lease vehicle and take on the depreciation risk. These two costs are included in the monthly lease price.

  2. Predictable costs with no surprises

    With leasing, you pay a fixed monthly fee. No unexpected maintenance costs, no depreciation worries. Just simple, transparent payments that make budgeting easier.

  3. Always drive the latest models

    Stay updated with the latest in-car technology, safety features, and eco-friendly options. With leasing, you can frequently update your vehicle, ensuring you're always driving something current.

  4. Flexibility tailored to your needs

    Whether you want a car for a year or five, leasing offers the flexibility to choose. Adjust the terms based on your driving needs and preferences.

  5. Eco-conscious driving

    As we shift towards a sustainable future, leasing allows you to easily adopt eco-friendly driving options, like electric vehicles, without the substantial upfront costs.

  6. All-inclusive maintenance and repairs

    Say goodbye to unexpected repair or maintenance bills. With a full-service lease contract maintenance is included in the monthly lease price, ensuring your vehicle is always in top condition.

  7. Full -service leasing simplified

    Curious about how it all works? Full-service leasing is straightforward. Choose your vehicle, set your terms, and drive away. It's that simple. For a detailed breakdown, explore how leasing works.

Why choose Ayvens

At Ayvens, we elevate your leasing experience. We're not just a leasing company; we're your partners in mobility. From a wide selection of vehicles to tailored contracts and dedicated support, we ensure your journey is smooth from start to finish.

What are the benefits of leasing?

What is included in the price? The price includes the lease of the vehicle, finacning of the vehicle, road tax, routine maintenance, insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring a hassle-free driving experience.Who can drive the lease car? The primary driver must be the person named in the lease agreement, but it can be possible for other people to drive your lease car. If you have a business lease contract please consult your car policy to check if this is allowed. If you have a private lease contract, additional drivers can be added with prior approval, usually involving a nominal fee.Can I test drive a car? For test drives, you can contact dealers in your area to try out a vehicle before making a decision.Can I choose any make, model, or equipment for the new car? Yes, within our available offer, you can choose from a variety of makes, models, and equipment packages. Our representatives will assist you in finding the perfect car that suits your preferences and needs.What am I allowed to do with the car? If you have a business lease contract, please check your car policy for allowed use. For private lease, it is not allowed to sublet your vehicle or use it for commercial purposes.

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