Used car lease

What is used car lease?

Now we can finally offer both new and existing customers leasing of used lease cars with very short delivery times! Do you need a car for a shorter period while waiting for your new car delayed from the factory? Have you hired someone for a temporary project and have a need for a car to cover? Then leasing a used car might be the solution for you!

Our used car leasing product is for those who want a shorter leasing period than normal leasing contracts, which often extend over 3-4 years. Used doesn't mean old or inferior - quite the opposite! Ayvens only offers used cars that meet our strict quality requirements. Leasing a used car includes: service/maintenance, tire wear, change, and storage, as well as insurance. The car is delivered wherever you prefer, whether it's at home or your office. Additional transportation charges outside Oslo apply.

Leasing should be simple!

Remember: insurance is always included (liability, comprehensive, fire, theft, glass, and rescue). Deductible is 10,000 kr."

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