Report Car Returned

Drivers of company cars are responsible for informing Ayvens when the car is returned to the dealer. You can do this by filling out the following form.

Private individuals return the car to the nearest NAF center and also do not need to submit the form (read more on the 'Return of Your Car' page).

Before returning your car, there are several things you must do in advance. The car must be normally cleaned both externally and internally. Remember to remove all personal belongings. All equipment that came with the car when new should be returned with the car. This includes summer/winter tires, even if you have them stored in a tire hotel. Also, return all car keys, as well as any codes and documents (service manual, instruction manual, etc.). If the car is damaged, you must report it via the My Ayens app. Cancel your fuel card (if necessary). If you do not receive a confirmation email when submitting this form, please check your spam filter or contact our customer service.

NOTE! Do not send in this form before the car is delivered!

In which area are you located?
Summer tires/winter tires are in the car
Charging cables that were included upon delivery
I have deleted all digital traces in the car
Is the car drivable?
Parcel shelf/trunk cover is in the car.
Have all the key sets for the car been returned?
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