Pre-leased car subscription

Ugo Subscribe is a simple, cost-effective, short-term mobility solution that combines the advantages of a fully serviced car with on demand availability. Ayvens registered cars are quality-assured pre-leased cars that are excellently maintained, refurbished with extra care and thoroughly inspected by professionals before being certified as ready-to-drive. Every car is cleaned top to bottom and sanitised before handover.

Ugo Subscribe provides:

  1. Short-term mobility

    Benefit of short-term mobility option with easy exit from 6 months onwards for pre-runner contracts without any termination charges (Damage fees may apply). Tenure for all others range from 2 – 4 years.

  2. Car on demand

    Cars are readily available from our own fleet (where the registered owner is Ayvens), which can be delivered as early as 2 weeks**

  3. Test drive facility

    At your doorstep at home or office.

  4. Fully serviced car

    Which includes insurance (purchase, renewal and claim management), roadside assistance and maintenance taken care of by us throughout the contract.

  5. Easy digital onboarding

    Easy digital onboarding without any extensive documentation. A short, quick and digital credit check

**T & C applicable. Delivery is subject to credit check clearance in case of Ugo Connect contract and Private Lease.

Common needs for short term car subscription would include:

Subscription cars

Pre-leased cars can be subscribed as part of employee car lease program (if permitted by the employer) or can be privately leased.

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Employee car lease

Ayvens is a reliable lease partner for all your leasing needs, large or small. Ayvens' unique solution is to offer a cost-effective, flexible and convenient way for employees to get a car.

Private lease

Ayvens has helped countless drivers make the switch, and we can provide all the support, tools and guidance you need at every step of the journey.

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