Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core values and commitments

At Ayvens India, we believe that people are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have adopted a responsible growth strategy that fully integrates the challenges of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and respects the cultural and environmental diversity of our stakeholders.

In partnership with United Way Mumbai, our CSR initiatives focus on:

About United Way Mumbai

United Way Mumbai is a non-profit organisation that aims to bring people together - NGOs, companies, individuals, and government agencies - to work towards improving community conditions.

United for Road Safety Project: Training the public for safe and responsible driving

United for Road Safety Project: Training the public for safe and responsible driving

The Road Safety Crisis in India India faces a serious road safety crisis, with alarming statistics of road accidents and fatalities. According to the World Road Statistics, India ranks first in the number of road accident deaths among 199 countries, with 411 deaths and 1280 accidents occurring on Indian roads every day. Every year, 9977 children die on Indian roads, and 50% of road accident deaths could have been avoided with rapid assistance. In the past decade, more than 10 lakh people have been killed in road accidents, making India the global leader in road accident-related deaths.

The project involves the following interventions:

  1. Collaboration with RTOs

    UWM is collaborating with the RTOs in Mumbai and Bangalore to train all two/four-wheeler license applicants in safe riding and driving skills. The training is offered free of cost at the RTO premises to all license applicants before they go for their test.

  2. Training Sessions

    UWM has deployed a team of master trainers at the RTO office who conduct training sessions for all the license applicants in batches of approximately 30 participants per batch. The training covers topics such as: introduction to road safety, causes of road accidents, rules of the road, defensive driving techniques, blind spots, night driving, road rage, use of mobile phones, driving under influence, Good Samaritan Act, pledge for road safety etc. All the participants receive certificates and a special kit comprising of a leaflet on road safety and reflective stickers upon completion of the training. UWM is training 7200 participants over a period of one year. Additionally, UWM has equipped the RTO with a two/four-wheeler simulator, giving the license applicants an opportunity to test their riding/driving skills in a safe and supervised environment.

  3. Awareness Campaigns

    Leveraging on its networks with youth from colleges, UWM is mobilising youth and conducting sessions to spread awareness and behaviour change for safe road usage and make safe riding/driving aspirational for youth. These sessions are organized during Road Safety Week, World Remembrance Day etc. to engage the community and to build an environment promoting safer road usage.

Afforestation Project: Restoring the forest cover in Pune

Afforestation Project: Restoring the forest cover in Pune

The Need for Afforestation Forests are essential for maintaining ecological balance and sustaining life on earth. They provide various ecosystem services, such as oxygen production, carbon sequestration, water conservation, soil protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate regulation. However, India’s forest cover is far from adequate, as per government estimates, it stands at only 24.5% of its geographical area, while the target is 33% by 2030.

Moreover, India is losing its forest cover at an alarming rate due to development projects and encroachment. For instance, Maharashtra has lost 1,610 sq. km of forests in the past 30 years. With only 5 trees per human, as opposed to the recommended ratio of 7 trees per human, there is an urgent need to restore the forest cover in our cities. To address this need, we propose to undertake afforestation activities in Pune.

The project involves the following interventions:

  1. Land preparation

    We have prepared the land and dug pits or Continuous Contour Trenches (CCT) for planting the saplings. CCT helps to prevent soil erosion, reduce runoff, and increase water infiltration.

  2. Plantation of saplings

    We have planted 5900 saplings of indigenous varieties using the afforestation method. We aim to green approximately 11+ acres of land. The site belongs to a private school trust, namely Mhasoba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal School, Nimgaon Mahalungi, Shiroor Block, Pune. The school has a well in the premises and has agreed to support the tree plantation project actively. They have also committed to maintaining the trees after the completion of 3 years of the project period. The afforestation method involves creating a new forest in an area where there was no previous tree cover, by converting non-forested lands into forests by planting suitable trees.

  3. Maintenance of saplings

    The maintenance activities include regular watering, cutting of grass, trimming, periodic de-weeding, application of manure, and spray of insecticides/pesticides, etc. Mulching is done twice or thrice a year depending on the site requirements. Re-plantation is done during the monsoon season of the following year to replace any mortality. The plants are monitored and maintained for a period of 2 years, after which they become self-sustainable. Further, at the end of the project period, the landowners also ensure basic maintenance of the site.

Let’s READ Initiative: Promoting literacy and joy of reading among underprivileged children

Let’s READ Initiative: Promoting literacy and joy of reading among underprivileged children

The Need for Let’s READ Books are a source of knowledge, imagination, and joy for children. They help them develop their language, cognitive, and emotional skills, as well as foster their curiosity and creativity. However, for many children living in marginalized communities in India, owning a set of books is a distant dream. They lack access to quality books that suit their age, interest, and reading level.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to discover the wonder and joy of books. That is why we support Let’s READ, a nationwide initiative by United Way Mumbai (UWM), which aims to nurture a love for books and reading among children who cannot afford access to books of their own.

The project involves the follwoing activities:

  1. Gifting books to children

    UWM will gift a set of 5 beautifully illustrated children’s books to 10,000 children from low-income families. The books will be in the children’s preferred language and will cover a range of topics and genres to cater to their diverse interests and preferences.

  2. Gifting mini libraries to municipality schools

    UWM will gift 100 mini libraries (comprising 125 books each) to municipality schools with children from marginalised communities. The mini libraries will be set up in school classrooms where children can access them easily. The mini libraries will have a variety of books for different age groups and reading levels, as well as books on life skills, health, environment, and other relevant themes.

  3. Conducting book reading sessions

    UWM will conduct book reading sessions by children’s authors, who will read aloud their stories and interact with the children. The sessions will be held at the mini library sites or other venues where the children can attend. The sessions will aim to inspire the children to read more, as well as expose them to different styles and genres of writing.

  4. Facilitating workshops for Ayvens staff

    UWM will facilitate workshops for Ayvens India to participate in reading sessions and making books come alive for children of all ages. The workshops will equip the Ayvens staff with the skills and techniques to engage the children in reading activities, such as storytelling, dramatisation, games, quizzes, etc. The workshops will also help the staff to monitor and evaluate the impact of the project on the children’s reading habits and outcomes.

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