Earn reward points and redeem them to enjoy a range of exclusive rewards from personal care to electronics and more!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rewarded for your loyalty towards a service? We understand that and hence we have Avant - a rewarding loyalty program from Ayvens just for you!

Avant is a cardless loyalty program designed to enhance your journey with us at Ayvens and help you reap the rewards for availing our services. Now you can earn reward points for different types of services availed with us and redeem the same for a host of benefits and rewards.

How it works

Your Reward Points are worth money [1 Point = INR 0.5], and you can use them to redeem for a range of rewards from merchandise to e-gift vouchers.

Minimum point balance required to begin redemption is 500 points.

Minimum point balance required for every redemption is 100 points.

Visit Avant

Avant is available for select CTC customers. Contact us or your car policy admin for more information.