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Enhancing your car leasing journey.

At Ayvens, we are more than just a car leasing company. We are your mobility partner, offering you a range of services to make your driving experience smooth, safe, and convenient. Whether you need help with your insurance, your car repair, your car replacement, or your car maintenance, we have you covered.

Accidents, Roadside assistance, and Claim management

At Ayvens, we care about your safety and convenience on the road. That’s why we have two services to help you in case of any mishap: accidents and roadside assistance, and insurance claim management. Whether you need a tow, a repair, a replacement, or an insurance cover, you can count on us.

Maintenance, Door-to-Door, and Relief Car

As a driver of a car leased from Ayvens, you deserve the best service and support for your vehicle. That’s why we offer you three options to make your car maintenance easy, convenient, and hassle-free: Maintenance, Relief Car, and Door-to-Door. These options are designed to save you time and money, and to keep you mobile and satisfied.

Have any questions?

Find answers to some of the most common questions that our customers have about our services and policies. Whether you want to know more about leasing, insurance, end of lease, customer support, or service, you can find it here.

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