Private car lease

Private car lease is a lease agreement, based on ‘usage’ rather than ownership of the car, signed between an individual and the car leasing company.

Lease rental calculation

Lease rental calculation

Lease rental is calculated on - The depreciated value of the vehicle + additional services opted for. You do not need to pay any down payment. You only pay for as much you use based on the tenure and mileage contracted for.

Private lease offers you an opportunity to drive a better car as the monthly lease rentals are affordable since you don’t have to pay for the entire value of the car as compared to getting it on loan or buying it outright.

Plus, you can do away with the hassles of car ownership, which is having to take your car for repairs and maintenance, paying high servicing costs, insurance renewals, accidental claim management, taking financial risk on assuming the resale value of the car, which is unpredictable and more. You also benefit from our bulk buying capacity to get the car delivery relatively faster.

Getting a car on private lease is quick, with easy digital onboarding and a quick digital credit check.

My Ayvens

Leasing with Ayvens provides, booking service appointment for your car, at the click of a button through the My Ayvens India app. And if you have opted for our door to door and relief car service, we will pick your car for service and drop it back at a location and time convenient for you. Moreover, you can also contract and avail a standby car until your car is at the workshop. We provide 24x7 emergency roadside assistance in more than 800 locations across India.

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