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Ayvens' online tools.

Complete management of your car and your fleet, immediately available.

Would you like to see online how things are going with your vehicle fleet, how to manage your vehicle fleet fast and efficiently, check and compare your invoicing details quickly and easily, or see how rewarding your journey has been with us? Below you will find an overview of Ayvens' online tools.


SalaryPlan enables you to opt for a new car by way of a monthly contribution from your salary. It is a progressive means for you to make an informed choice on how much monthly contribution you are willing to make towards the vehicle that you aspire to drive.


MyLeasePlan portal is designed for drivers and fleet managers to enhance the leasing experience, providing access to personalised tools and information about your vehicle and fleet. 

My Ayvens

Via this tool, you get access to all the details of your leasing car. You can manage your car online, anytime, anywhere.

Car Market

Carmarket is our professional platform for resale of used cars and light commercial vehicles, specially targeted to used car dealers.


A simple enriching program to help you reap the rewards for availing our services.

My Ayvens portal for Managers

A web portal that makes fleet management and administrative tasks easier, faster and more efficient.

*MyLeasePlan is exclusively for existing LeasePlan customers.