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Sustainability is at the heart of Ayvens’ purpose and mission. While Ayvens India strives to create sustainability benchmarks in the mobility industry, it also drives business behaviours that support environmental and social well-being.

Shape the future of sustainable mobility, with a full suite of client solutions

Sustainability for us means embodying our core value of commitment and our responsibility towards people and planet by delivering true value. Ayvens is leading the change towards sustainable mobility by providing consultancy to its clients, helping them switch to greener fleets and develop better fleet management practices.

Our teams are working on developing a flexible portfolio of sustainable offerings – fleet consultancy, mobility-as-a-service, multi-cycle leasing and multi-modal options to redefine how corporate India travels.

Act across our value chain to benefit the environment and the community

Ayvens is working on making an end-to-end impact along its value chain. Responsible procurement, improving circularity in our operations and reducing the negative impact on the environment are key priorities. We are working to bring down our carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2 and 3 in line with our commitment to become Net Zero by 2050.

To offset the harmful effects of emission, our teams undertake extensive projects to help increase green cover and create employee volunteering opportunities to drive afforestation initiatives.

Behave responsibly, internally and with external stakeholders

We are committed to complying with external regulatory requirements and managing risk (including credit, residual value and asset and liability management risk) in a responsible and effective way, so we can keep delivering sustainable value to all our stakeholders. This is made possible via our robust governance framework, supported by the best-in-class policies and resources of our parent organisation, Societe Generale Group.

Be a supportive and responsible employer

Our people and our culture are our most valuable assets. They are what makes ‘Ayvens’ a great company. Our mission is to always be a fair and happy workplace for all and ensure their well-being.

As an inclusive organization, we endeavour to attract diverse talents from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. At Ayvens, we believe that companies thrive when ‘latent talent comes to the fore’. With different views, opinions and ideas on the table, discussions become more effective and decision-making stronger, leading to greater success for our organisation. Furthermore, diverse teams working for an equally diverse external audience create products that are relevant to the ‘real’ world.

In fact, 33% of women make up the Ayvens India Management team.

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