Hyundai Creta


With no down payment, fixed monthly rental, convenient maintenance, and insurance management, up to 30% tax savings benefit and flexible contract options. Rentals starting at ₹ 25.342,40.


  • months60


  • kms50,000

Lease rental per month

  • ₹ per month25.342,40

Vehicle characteristics

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Variant
  • Location
  • Transmission
  • Fuel Type
  • Price per month
  • Mileage and Tenure

Salary packaged deal

  • Hyundai
  • Creta
  • 1.5L MPi EX MT
  • Gurugram
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • ₹ 25.342,40
  • 60 months / 50000kms

Value added services

Maintenance, Insurance and 24/7 Roadside assistance are included in the lease rental. Door-to-door and Relief car are provided on request at an additional charge.

T&C apply - Lease rentals may vary as per the company car policy, location and time of purchase. Check with our Ayvens Relationship Manager to get access to My Ayvens.

Offer details

Why pay for the entire value of the car and buy it, when you can pay as per your usage and enjoy a host of benefits? A salary packaged car lease is the most convenient way of driving home a new car as per your preferred tenure and mileage requirements starting from as low as 12 months.

You can log in on My Ayvens India web portal to get various quotes as per your location for different tenures and mileages.

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