LeasePlan becomes Ayvens

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"It is a milestone in LeasePlan's history as we today conclude LeasePlan and kick off Ayvens," says Anders Ree-Pedersen, Managing Director of the company.
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Earlier this fall, it was announced that LeasePlan Norway became part of the new conglomerate, Ayvens, after the global merger of ALD Automotive and LeasePlan. Norway is the first country to go live with the Ayvens brand, but by 2024, all 44 countries in the group will be rebranded as Ayvens.

"These are exciting and challenging times, and we have great confidence that this will be very beneficial for our customers, suppliers, and especially ourselves. We all need to practice a bit to become Ayvens, but ultimately, it's the same talented people we have, delivering the same reliable service to our loyal customers," says Anders Ree-Pedersen. "We are Norway's largest buyer of new cars, electric cars, and electric vans, and Norway's largest used car producer, so we start from a solid foundation and build on the decades-long legacy."

Ayvens' fleet in Norway consists of approximately 66,000 vehicles (including NF Fleet), with customers ranging from large Norwegian companies in the private and public sectors to individual private lease customers.

"Conducting our business responsibly is key to our future, and we believe that our holistic approach to sustainability will be central. It all starts with our commitment to decarbonize mobility: We lead the industry by providing more sustainable solutions and making greener mobility an easier choice for our customers," says Marius Paus, Commercial Director at Ayvens. "Today, our customers expect a seamless digital journey when moving around in the real world – and that is exactly what Ayvens' digitization strategy will deliver.

"We are really looking forward to starting with a new name, a new brand, and a new identity, and Ayvens will continue the incredible success story LeasePlan has had in Norway since 1992," concludes Anders Ree-Pedersen.

About Ayvens Group

Ayvens is a global leader in car management and operational leasing. In a world where more intuitive, flexible, and sustainable ways of moving are required, we ensure that this happens seamlessly for all our customers, from large corporations to individuals.

As the global market leader in our industry, we are uniquely positioned to unlock value in mobility. We purchase, finance, and manage new vehicles for customers worldwide. With our wide range of products, channels, and brands, we deliver seamless solutions for all mobility needs.

The Ayvens Group has 15,700 employees in 44 countries, with 3.4 million vehicles in the world's largest multi-brand car fleet.

Societe Generale Group is Ayvens' main shareholder.

Published at February 14, 2024
February 14, 2024
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