Unveiling the future of mobility at the Financial Times Future of the Car 2023

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For the 3rd year in a row, Ayvens was one of the lead sponsors of The Financial Times Future of the Car event, that took place from 9 to 11 May 2023. A great opportunity for our Chief Commercial Officer, Annie Pin, and Head of Partnerships, Adrian Porter, to share thought-provoking insights that are reshaping the automotive landscape.
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Our event captivated more than 880 industry experts, mobility enthusiasts and leaders with the main theme being “achieving efficiency, sustainability and connectivity in automotive”. In this article, we invite you to delve into the highlights of their presentations and get an exclusive glimpse into the future of mobility.

Global mobility operations and strategic partnerships

During a fireside chat session, Annie Pin showcased the global reach and strategic partnerships of our company. Currently operating in 44 countries, Ayvens has been established as a trusted partner for corporate fleet services and large corporate clients. But this influence doesn't stop there. Through various partnership arrangements, Ayvens powers the operational leasing offers of renowned car manufacturers like Tesla, Kia, and Ford. Through leveraging our expertise in financing, digital platforms, and customer-centric services, we empower car manufacturers to focus on production while delivering innovative mobility solutions.

Transformation through acquisition: ALD Automotive and LeasePlan

In a transformative move that sent shockwaves through the industry, ALD Automotive acquired LeasePlan, solidifying our position as the largest leasing company worldwide. Valued at an impressive €4.9 billion, this acquisition has opened doors to many new possibilities, granting Ayvens an increased footprint in the corporate fleet sector and the largest multimake electric vehicle fleet globally. This strategic merger reflects our understanding of the importance of scale and robust investments in navigating megatrends like electrification and digitalization that are reshaping the automotive industry.

Embracing digitalization and electrification

Adrian Porter’s insightful panel discussion shed light on the increasing prevalence of digital channels throughout the car lifecycle. At Ayvens, we recognize that the future lies in seamless online experiences, combined with the essence of physical interactions. We embrace a "phygital" approach, merging the online and offline realms, to pave the way for a frictionless customer journey. As industry leaders, we offer end-to-end fully digital experiences for Original Equipment Manufacture (OEMs) or assist them in transitioning toward a more digital-centric approach. The automotive market forecast predicts significant growth in online sales, with estimates projecting 20-30% of global car sales and up to 50-60% in some markets occurring online by 2030.

Moreover, the electrification revolution is well underway, and Adrian spoke on how Ayvens is at the forefront of this transformation. By focusing on operational leasing, subscription models, and pay-per-use options, we lead the shift from car ownership to usership to provide our customers with the most flexible services. Considering the total cost of ownership and offering flexible mobility solutions, Ayvens is poised to drive the charge in the era of electric mobility. It is anticipated that approximately 75% of new car sales on the market will be electric vehicles by 2030, and we are ready to support this transition.

Cooperation and collaboration in a rapidly changing market

In a rapidly changing market, cooperation and collaboration have become pivotal to success for all players in the industry. At Ayvens, we recognize the importance of working hand in hand with partners to navigate the shifting automotive landscape. By leveraging our financing expertise, digital platforms, and seamless online-offline customer journeys, we support our partners' vehicle sales while delivering exceptional customer experiences. We understand that the industry's ongoing transformation demands collaboration, partnerships, and co-creation, and we are committed to fostering these essential relationships.

Envisioning the future of car retail

Adrian’s panel discussion that featured our partner, Carlos Lahoz Pardo, Vice President of Sales and Ownership Experience of Kia Europe, shed light on the challenges and disruptions faced by the car retail industry. To stay ahead, carmakers must deliver frictionless experiences that align with evolving customer expectations. The rise of online-focused retail experiences, exemplified by Tesla's direct-to-customer approach, is reshaping the retail landscape. Carlos confirmed that at Kia, “We are working on every touchpoint where we can avoid friction with customers, and we’ve prioritized the customer journey for a long time. What it means now is evolving to provide an even more flexible offering.” Additionally, Adrian spoke on acknowledging the advantages of this approach of creating frictionless customer experiences, such as customer feedback and direct interaction, while recognizing the value of dealer interactions for some customers.

The industry is witnessing a shift towards the agency model, where carmakers take full control of the retail experience. This transition may come with teething problems, and we offer support to our partners during this transformative phase. As the pathway of innovation unfolds, significant investments will be required to strike the perfect balance between online and offline approaches, revolutionizing the retail model.

**These presentations at The Financial Times Future of the Car event help to highlight our global mobility operations, strategic partnerships, and proven expertise. By embracing digitalisation, electrification, and the shift towards usership, we are poised to shape the future of mobility. Our commitment to collaboration, customer-centric solutions, and excellence keeps us at the forefront of industry innovation and as the world of mobility continues to evolve, Ayvens stands ready to drive the future of automotive innovation, empowering customers and partners alike with groundbreaking mobility solutions. **

Published at July 24, 2023

July 24, 2023
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