Leasing services.

At Ayvens, full-service vehicle leasing means exactly that: we take care of the entire process, from delivery to end-of-contract and everything in between. Fixed monthly payments, robust insurance coverage and comprehensive maintenance and repair services are included for the duration – plus, when the time comes, there’s no need to worry about resale value.

Full service leasing.

Our full-service solution saves our customers time and money. It empowers them with a predictable, hassle-free mobility experience. And we guarantee 24/7 support that keeps everyone on the move, no matter if they’re on two, three or four wheels.

Of course, full-service leasing isn’t just for passenger cars – it’s a great solution for vans, too. And at Ayvens, we’re experts in tackling the specific challenges that come with light commercial vehicles (LCVs). We provide commercial customers with a wide range of tailor-made LCV solutions, making it simple for them to choose the right model, set up racking, reduce downtime and much, much more.

So, whether it’s a private individual looking for more financial certainty and daily convenience or a business wanting tailored leasing options for its fleet, our customers always enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end service with no nasty surprises.


Fleet management.

We’re proud to serve a wide range of organisations, from small businesses with a handful of vehicles to large enterprises with thousands. And with our client base spanning all kinds of industries across the public and private sectors, we work hard to make sure our suite of fleet management solutions has something for everyone.

After all, we understand that every business customer has its own unique needs and challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing bespoke fleet management services that help our customers (and their businesses) get where they want to go.

Ayvens fleet management in figures.

3.4 M

Total fleet.

3.4 million fleet worldwide.

800 k

Vehicles purchases / year.

Unrivalled purchasing power.

523 k

Electric vehicles.

#1 multi-brand EV fleet.

Our platform and mobile app enable a 100% digital journey, empowering fleet managers and drivers alike by providing easy access to key information, assistance requests and efficiency improvements. Meanwhile, our team is always on hand to ensure meticulous management of every fleet – because we know our clients’ success drives ours. We work together to define fleet strategies, optimise costs, enhance driver safety and accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) transition. Combined with our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and support, it all adds up to wins for us and for our stakeholders.

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