Every customer and every fleet is unique – but with Ayvens Consultancy, they’re never alone. We use our expertise and scale to work in partnership with our clients, designing a mobility strategy that not only addresses their challenges but also helps realise new opportunities: operational, financial, and environmental.

Reimagining mobility together

What’s more, we know these challenges and opportunities vary from market to market. That’s why Ayvens' central consultancy team works closely with our international community of fleet experts based in the countries where our customers operate. Our global footprint and local insights ensure our clients always benefit from the very latest thinking and the most relevant solutions, wherever they are in the world.


What does Ayvens Consultancy offer?

Mobility Guide

Meet our Mobility Guide: a handy compass to help our customers navigate their fleet electrification journey – and deliver on their sustainability goals. By sharing country-by-country scores on key metrics, the Guide has already helped many Ayvens' clients create an electric vehicle (EV) transition roadmap that puts them on track to a greener mobility future.

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