International mobility made easy.

Managing fleet processes, keeping drivers happy, monitoring costs, meeting sustainability targets. Juggling all these competing priorities can be a challenge for international fleet managers. At Ayvens International, we help you realise your strategic goals with fleet solutions designed to plug seamlessly into your organisation’s way of working. In short, we make scaled-up mobility simple – so you can focus on growing your business.

Why choose us?

Cost insight and optimisation.

Whether you want full visibility of your end-to-end fleet costs over time, ways to control and sustainably optimise your fleet costs or a forecast for your strategic planning, Ayvens International can help. Our online tools give you easy access to detailed, real-time cost reports – including total cost of ownership (TCO) – so you can easily control your fleet costs and make better-informed decisions. Meanwhile, your account manager will help you explore cost-saving opportunities in the markets where your fleet operates.

Policy and process optimisation.

You’re an international company looking to unlock maximum value from your global fleet operations and drive efficiencies by centralising aspects of your business. We’re a leading global partner with strong local networks, on-the-ground services and support where you need it most. Together with our consultants, we can harmonise your processes and policies across your different markets – ensuring greater consistency and a hassle-free experience for you and your drivers.

Sustainable mobility for your business and our planet.

At Ayvens, we believe that acting responsibly is the key to our future – and that means making greener mobility simpler for our clients and their fleets around the world. We know that achieving your sustainable mobility targets is a question of balance: lowering fleet CO₂ emissions and costs, while keeping driver satisfaction high. Thanks to our high-quality fleet reporting tool, you can gain clear insights into everything from emissions and fuel consumption to driver behaviour.

In turn, you can make better, data-driven decisions that lead to fuel savings, lower maintenance costs and improved driver safety and engagement programmes. And our international fleet management experts and consultants are always right there with you, pushing the boundaries of seamless, sustainable mobility on a global scale.


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