Mobility solutions.

Invest in a better ride.

There’s an electric revolution sweeping the mobility industry – and Ayvens is leading the charge. With clear commitments to reducing carbon emissions and to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals, we’re driving the transition to a sustainable mobility future. In fact, 34% of our new deliveries are electric vehicles (EVs), meaning we’ve already reached (and exceeded) our 2026 goal.

Our electrification commitments.


of new deliveries will be EV's*

*Includes battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles


of new deliveries will BEV's by 2030*

*Battery electric vehicles

But we're not stopping there.

Providing everything from expert advice and user-friendly digital tools to complete electric products and comprehensive charging solutions, we make electrification easy, enabling a seamless switch to greener driving. At Ayvens, we’re not just embracing the EV transition; we’re empowering our customers to do the same.



The world of mobility is changing fast, and the days of the one-size-fits-all approach to transport are firmly in the rear-view mirror. At Ayvens, we believe the road to a more sustainable future lies in multi-mobility, with people blending different mobility solutions to make daily life flow better. That’s why we partner with our customers to develop tailored Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions.

It all starts with our innovative MaaS methodology. Using a range of tools including market analysis, employee readiness assessments, mobility budget design, predictive CO2 calculations and total-cost-of-mobility projections, we help corporate customers map out their mobility requirements – and opportunities – and build them into their mobility policy.

Move app.

In order to streamline these innovative solutions, the Move app is designed to provide customers with a fluid and effortless digital experience. Through Move, we empower our customers by granting them the power of choice, enabling them to explore a diverse array of mobility solutions, including electric vehicles, bicycles, ride-sharing services, and public transportation options. Recognising the unique needs of our business clients, we understand the importance of helping them attain their strategic objectives. Our commitment lies in simplifying travel management, allowing companies to facilitate their employees' journeys with greater efficiency, improved well-being, and enhanced satisfaction.

Five reasons customers choose Move.

  1. Be an attractive employer.

    Our Move app gives employees a wide range of travel options - just choose and go!

  2. Focus on strategic goals.

    Fast? Low-cost? Sustainable? Our customisable app puts companies in the driving seat when it comes to their travel priorities.

  3. Experience convenience.

    Discover the easy way to record travel movements and track CO2 emissions.

  4. Reward employees.

    Our Move app lets businesses determine the incentives for employees who follow their travel advice.

  5. Move sustainably.

    From car to bike to public transport, it’s never been easier to make sustainable mobility choices.

Flexible leasing.

We believe life should be better with every move. To help make that happen, we’re committed to providing innovative, flexible solutions to all our fleet customers – wherever they are and wherever they’re going.

Flex is the solution. Designed to meet each customer’s specific needs, it empowers organisations to navigate their temporary mobility requirements without the constraints of lengthy leasing contracts.

Flex is a diverse fleet supported by a comprehensive suite of services, including insurance, maintenance and more. Whether it’s helping to facilitate temporary projects, accommodate new employees during trial periods or manage international assignments, our flexible solution means clients can optimise their fleets for maximum efficiency and productivity – and stay focused on the way ahead for their business.

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