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Press releases 2024

Ayvens launches Ayvens Carmarket

A leading used vehicle marketplace for professional buyers.
14 May - 2 min to read
Press releases 2024

Availability of the 2023 Universal Registration Document

Ayvens informs the public that the 2023 Universal Registration Document was filed with the French F…
12 April - 1 min to read
Corporate news

Ayvens excels in sustainability ratings with high ESG scores

We’re making strides in the realm of sustainability, as reflected in this year's exceptional enviro…
05 April - 2 min to read
Corporate news

Ayvens and Wheels: Igniting global mobility management

The Ayvens & Wheels alliance, a longstanding partnership is set to emerge as a cornerstone in the g…
29 March - 4 min to read
Corporate news

Ayvens and Dragon Rouge awarded GOLD at TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX

Ayvens and Dragon Rouge, a global design agency, received the Gold Award for best overall Design in…
28 March - 1 min to read
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Total cost of ownership

Examining total cost of ownership: electric vs internal combustion engine vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with electric vehicles (EVs) no lo…
21 May - 1 min to read
Fleet management

Why OEMs can't take their foot off the BEV gas pedal

On the 23rd of April, Ayvens hosted a client webinar delving into the macroeconomic factors influen…
30 April - 3 min to read

Inspiring inclusion through vehicle design and testing

While you may see your car as a gender-neutral mobility tool, that couldn’t be further from the tru…
08 March - 3 min to read
Total cost of ownership

Cost saving tips for LCV fleets

In the world of commercial transportation, effectively managing a fleet of light commercial vehicle…
05 February - 3 min to read

Low-emission zones: what do they mean for last mile delivery?

In the midst of an escalating global climate crisis, cities around the world are taking bold measur…
23 January - 3 min to read

Top EVs expected in 2024

Transitioning to a 100% electric car? Unsure which electric vehicle is your perfect fit? Explore ou…
16 January - 3 min to read

3 Trends Shaping the Mobility of 2030

The world is moving towards a more sustainable, decarbonised future and it’s imperative for Ayvens …
15 December 2023 - 4 min to read
Total cost of ownership

The ultimate guide to commercial fleet management: TCO vs. TCO+ unveiled

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of commercial fleet management, comprehending the financial intr…
15 December 2023 - 4 min to read

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