Greener mobility, fleet by fleet.

Sooner or later, every fleet manager reaches a fork in the road: switch to electric, or stick to the familiar path? At Ayvens, we believe sustainable mobility should be the easy choice for all our corporate clients. Here’s how we make fleet electrification a breeze.

Advising our clients about the greenest way.

Electrification as #1 fleet strategy topic for 94% of corporates.

2026 targets.


Of new contracts will be EV by 2026.

*Passenger cars and funded fleet only, in EU, UK, Norway and Switzerland.


Of new contracts will be BEV by 2026.

Making it simple to choose electric.

Providing end-to-end solutions & venture into the charging ecoystem.
eMSP scope.

2026 targets.


Quadruple use of our full bundled electric product.

400 k

Drivers connected to our eMSP joint venture with ChargePoint.

Going beyond electrification and into MaaS.

Providing flexible, multimodal travel options to all our corporate clients.

Helping clients move from Car to Mobility through our end-to-end multimodal solution.

2026 targets.



200 k

Users by 2026.