Global mobility consultancy with local fleet impact.

With many years of experience in the automotive and financial sectors, our International Consultancy Services experts know how to help international fleet owners navigate the rapidly changing fleet and mobility landscape. Based in our Paris and Amsterdam headquarters, this central team works closely with our network of international account managers and consultants across the globe.

Why choose us?

Mobility that’s the right fit for your needs.

No two fleets are the same, especially when they’re operating across multiple markets. Ayvens' International Consultancy Services team is dedicated to ensuring we find the ideal mobility solution to fit your business needs. Whatever your operational, financial and environmental goals, we’ll help you design a strategy to reach them. Then, we’ll put our plans into action – using Ayvens International’s tried-and-tested methodology and powerful consultancy tools.

Five steps to your tailor-made mobility policy.

  1. Diagnose.

    We conduct a benchmarking against peers and share best practices, we explore your country and employee readiness and create a CO₂ & TCO baseline to then define your targets together.

  2. Model TCO & CO₂ scenarios.

    We project the CO₂ outputs and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the selected vehicles.

  3. Select the best mobility solutions.

    We optimise your energy costs, vehicles & OEM selection, we examine the possibilities for multimodal mobility, we select the best charging solutions tailored to your usage for both commercial and passenger fleets.

  4. Engage your stakeholders & employees.

    We strengthen your business case and provide training materials to support change management.

  5. Implement, monitor & optimise.

    We update your mobility policy, managing your mobility and charging solutions implementation, set together reporting capability to track TCO & CO₂ evolution and are able to measure employee satisfaction.

Our consultancy tools.

Thanks to Ayvens’ suite of proprietary consultancy tools, our experts can bring you the clear, data-driven insights you need to power your fleet and mobility decisions.


Net Zero Programme.

Define your mobility policy’s CO₂ baseline and create a projection of future changes to help you meet your sustainability targets.

Benchmarking tool

Compare your mobility approach (models, brands, powertrain mix, NIV, CO₂ in running fleet and orders) to industry peers.

Employee Mobility Survey.

Assess your workforce’s readiness to drive EVs or adopt alternative mobility solutions.

SafePlan Zero.

SafePlan Zero offers you guidance and support as well as practical tools to capitalise on the easy wins and tackle the more challenging safety risks.

Car Qualifier

Overview of the most popular cars by country, segment and fuel type.

TCO Calculator.

Evaluate your fleet costs per powertrain with comparative TCOs.

Lease versus buy.

Compare your ownership set-up with the leasing option.

Lease versus cash allowance.

Compare your allowance set-up with the leasing option.

OEM tender support.

Select your best OEM partners based on your criteria.

Energy calculator.

Shape your charging infrastructure and budget your energy costs based on usage.

Mobility Policy Designer.

Design together your new mobility/car policy for clearer, fair and efficient processes and better driver behaviour.

EV catalogue & EV selector.

Select the best EV that fits to your usage and needs.

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