Where we’re going.

Ayvens’ ambition is to become the leading global sustainable mobility player. We’re starting from a solid foundation, building on the decades-long legacies of two automotive leasing leaders, but we know there’s plenty of hard work to be done before we reach our destination. Guiding our journey is our aim of making life flow better for our customers around the world – by enabling more seamless, more sustainable, more accessible mobility.

PowerUP 2026.

In 2023, we launched PowerUP 2026: Ayvens’ strategic plan to leverage our unique leadership position, shape the future of mobility and achieve excellence. Sounds ambitious? That’s because it is – but we never shy away from a challenge. Particularly when it comes to our four PowerUP priorities.

PowerUP for clients.

We’re committed to making sustainable mobility easy for our clients. Our goal is to lead the way by offering a one-stop shop with the broadest client reach and geographical coverage, as well as the largest distribution capabilities (through more than 430 partnerships with OEMs and others).

By providing the power of choice – across all client segments and through a digital-to-consumer approach – we aim to innovate and meet evolving market demands. Our focus on Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), customer experience, multi-cycle leasing and digital services will set new standards in the industry.

PowerUP operational efficiency.

Efficiency is at the core of our strategy. We’re dedicated to seamlessly integrating our two legacy companies and maximising our shared synergies. We’ll use our market leadership to leverage the power of scale to reduce costs and enhance value. And we’re committed to achieving best-in-class levels of operational efficiency by building the most efficient, scalable, global operating platform.

PowerUP responsibility.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and risk management are fundamental to our strategy. We’ll keep leading the way to sustainable mobility by always advising clients on environmentally friendly choices, with our commitment to the electric vehicle (EV) transition and ambitious decarbonisation objectives reflecting our dedication. We’ll also invest in our employees and talent, foster a culture of responsibility and manage risks responsibly.

PowerUP profitability.

Our financial objectives reflect our company’s ambition to grow while substantially improving our operating efficiency to best-in-class levels and maintaining a robust capital position. We aim to use our unique competitive positioning to boost profitability and deliver a strong financial performance.