Pioneering Sustainable Mobility at MOVE 2023, the world’s #1 Tech Mobility and Start-up show

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Mobility is evolving to meet the demand for sustainability. According to Stephane Rénie, Chief Sustainability Officer, sustainable mobility will be a central pillar in positioning ALD Automotive | LeasePlan moving forwards. At the recent MOVE London event, he emphasized its broader scope, encompassing diverse products and services beyond electric vehicles.
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ALD Automotive | LeasePlan showcased the commitment to sustainable mobility at the innovation-driven gathering focused on reimagining mobility held in London. As one of the sponsors, we seized the opportunity to collaborate with top startups in the technology market and explore the latest advancements in greener and smarter mobility solutions.

The hot topic for us was Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as it’s a key industry trend driving success for companies, focusing on three pillars: People, Planet, and Profit. MaaS offers concrete benefits in all three areas, providing opportunities to support productivity, sustainability, and efficiency through new mobility services. We work towards assisting our customers in shifting 'From Car Policy to Mobility Policy' as we well know that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work. The future of mobility is centered on flexibility, sustainability, and tailored solutions for each individual.

The event, held in London on 21 and 22 June 2023, served as a meeting place for the world's transport tech and mobility giants, offering a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and innovative collaborations. ALD Automotive | LeasePlan sent a team of representatives, including Fanny Touron, Global Head of Innovation & Products at ALD Automotive, Stephane Rénie, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Miel Horsten, Chief Operating Officer, to engage with industry leaders and exchange ideas on shaping the future of mobility. All three joined in a roundtable discussion on the topic of "How reinventing employee mobility is helping companies meet C02 target?" to give simple, effective recommendations to enable employees to move in the most sustainable manner. Tal Cohen, the founding partner of our innovation partner Drive TLV, also joined the roundtable discussion.

Drive TLV is a leading innovation hub for the mobility industry, providing its partners with a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving sphere of mobility. In essence, they act as a metaphorical navigation system for startups, helping its partners onboard new innovations and technologies to solve the specific problems they face. ALD Automotive | LeasePlan chose Drive TLV as a partner to push new innovations and bright ideas forwards and provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art, flexible solutions.

MOVE 2023 highlighted technology's transformative potential in mobility and emphasised the importance of sustainable practices. Our participation alongside Drive TLV, Skippr, industry leaders and visionary startups was inspiring and reaffirmed our commitment to driving positive change and aligning services with evolving needs. In addition, we showcased ALD Move, our MaaS solution, that enables companies to transition from managing car mobility to managing all forms of mobility because we know that employers and employees want flexible, sustainable, and digital mobility solutions - from electric vehicles and bikes to car-sharing and public transportation. Click here to learn more about ALD Move.

The wisdom from MOVE: Mobility reimagined will empower our collaborators to harness new insights and create impactful, sustainable solutions for our valued customers. We can't wait for the next event, where we'll meet even more inspiring partners to keep pushing towards a greener and brighter future together.

Published at July 28, 2023
July 28, 2023
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