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ALD | LeasePlan releases its strategic plan and financial objectives to 2026

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ALD | LeasePlan is releasing today its new “PowerUP 2026” strategic plan. At this occasion, Tim Albertsen, Chief Executive Officer, and the management team will be presenting a detailed overview of ALD | LeasePlan’s ambitions and main strategic operational and financial objectives on 21 September 2023 in Paris.
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“PowerUP 2026” strategic plan

The “PowerUP 2026” strategic plan follows the recent closing of the LeasePlan acquisition on 22 May 2023, which established ALD | LeasePlan’s leadership position in the mobility sector, well ahead of the ambitions stated in the previous strategic plan, “Move 2025”.

ALD | LeasePlan now ranks #1 global multi-brand and multi-channel car leasing player and #1 in 29 countries. Offering the most valuable and innovative products to all client segments, it operated a total fleet of 3.4 million[1] fleet as at 30 June 2023, twice the size of its nearest competitor. ALD | LeasePlan owns the largest multi-brand Electric Vehicles (EVs) fleet in the world, at 428,000 vehicles, which reflects its leading role in the transition to sustainable mobility.

The mobility sector benefits from strong and structural growth, driven by long-term megatrends:

Against this backdrop, the combination of its undisputed leadership, powerful global operating platform and strong financial profile, provides a unique position to ALD | LeasePlan to create value in the mobility industry.

With “PowerUP 2026”, ALD | LeasePlan will leverage on the power of leadership to shape the future of mobility and achieve excellence, by executing a strategic plan articulated around 4 priorities: clients, operational efficiency, responsibility and profitability.


ALD | LeasePlan plans to launch a new brand by the end of the year, to create a powerful new identity from two highly reputed industry players.

A one-stop shop with the broadest client reach, geographical coverage and the largest distribution capabilities through more than 430 partnerships, ALD | LeasePlan is best placed to answer customers’ changing needs.

ALD | LeasePlan expects that its earning assets[4] will grow strongly by +6%[5] CAGR between 2023 and 2026, driven by higher-value vehicles (underpinned by the rising share of EVs[6] in the funded fleet) and selective growth strategy to meet the Group’s profitability targets. Furthermore, the objective of reaching 200,000 active users of its MaaS[7] platform, launched in 2022, by 2026, reflects its strong ambition to lead the transition to sustainable mobility and go beyond electrification, into MaaS.

Operational efficiency

The efficient integration of LeasePlan is key in the success of ALD | LeasePlan’s strategy. Conducted by the industry’s best leadership team and people who share the same international culture and performance mindset, the integration of LeasePlan is fully on track.

The Group’s first objectives were reached according to plan, allowing to confirm EUR 440 million annual run-rate synergies by 2026, evenly split between margin and procurement synergies on the one hand and cost synergies on the other hand.

ALD | LeasePlan expects that a substantial share of procurement synergies will stem from price and bonus improvement (c. 25% of total procurement synergies from price and bonus improvement on vehicles), while steering and cost control would also be strong sources of procurement synergies.

With “PowerUP 2026”, ALD | LeasePlan will build the most efficient scalable global operating platform and derive cost synergies from efficiency improvements in the operating processes, IT cost savings as well as direct spend savings, including on real estate. As an illustration, IT cost per vehicle would be reduced by c. 20%, while fleet / FTE[8] ratio would improve by 15% in 2026 compared to 2022.

By 2026, ALD | LeasePlan will improve its Cost / Income ratio (excluding Used Car Sales results) to best-in-class level of c. 52%, from 56%[9] in 2022.


ESG and risk management are at the core of ALD | LeasePlan’s strategy and drive every one of the Group’s actions.

ALD | LeasePlan will continue leading the way to sustainable mobility by always advising its clients about the greenest way. As a result, it targets EVs to attain 50% of new car registrations by 2026, a strong increase from 28% in 2022. By providing end-to-end solutions, the Group makes it simple for clients to choose electric and targets that 400,000 drivers will connect to its eMSP[10] joint venture with ChargePoint, to be launched by the end of 2023.

“PowerUP 2026” contains ambitious decarbonisation objectives. ALD | LeasePlan plans to sharply decrease the CO2 emissions of its running fleet to less than 90g/km[11] on average by 2026 vs. 112g in 2022 and to decrease its internal CO2 emissions[12] by -35% in 2026 vs. 2019. ALD | LeasePlan’s people make the difference and therefore the company targets to maintain a high employee engagement rate of 75% in 2026.

Meanwhile, the Group will continue managing its risks responsibly, to ensure a strong and resilient performance over the long term. Its risk management lays on solid foundations, with a robust governance framework, the leverage of its parent Societe Generale’s best-in-class policies and resources, as well as stronger risk management practices aligned with the Financial Holding Company regulated status and supervision by the European Central Bank.

ALD | LeasePlan has a strong framework in place to manage residual value risk, its largest risk, throughout the asset’s life cycle. Additionally, its global multi-channel remarketing platform (600,000 vehicles sold p.a., access to a large range of buyers in 36 countries, of which 24,000 active traders) together with growing multi-cycle lease capabilities are efficient operational risk mitigants.


The combination of ALD and LeasePlan is highly synergetic. With “PowerUP 2026”, ALD | LeasePlan targets to achieve 13% to 15% Return on Tangible Equity[13] (ROTE) by 2026, a level at the high end of the financial sector. High capital generation will contribute to a robust capital position, with target Core Equity Tier 1 (CET 1) ratio at c. 12%. Furthermore, ALD | LeasePlan targets a dividend payout ratio of 50%[14] throughout the 2023-2026 period, thus providing attractive returns to shareholders.

Financial targets to 2026

ALD | LeasePlan’s operating environment changed abruptly over the recent years. The Group anticipates that inflation will remain high in 2023 before it gradually normalises in 2024. Interest rates are expected to peak in 2023 and remain at a high level, leading to modest GDP growth in Western Europe. After a couple of years of disruptions in supply and logistic chains, new car production in Europe would normalise starting 2024 towards 2026. The shift to higher-value Electric Vehicles is expected to accelerate.

The Group applies the IFRS 3 “Business combinations” standard, whereby a Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) exercise is conducted. This exercise is currently ongoing. ALD | LeasePlan expects that the identification and recognition at fair value of acquired assets and liabilities will be completed by end 2023. Main items covered comprise the valuation of:

Limited impacts are expected from this PPA exercise on the opening balance sheet:

ALD | LeasePlan’s financial objectives to 2026 reflect the company’s ambition to grow its activity strongly throughout the period, while substantially improving its operating efficiency to best-in-class levels and maintaining robust solvency levels.

At c. 52% in 2026, ALD | LeasePlan’s Cost / Income positions as best-in-class, allowing ALD | LeasePlan to decisively widen the gap with competitors and reinforce its financial profile.

The deviation from the previous guidance of 47%, issued on 29 November 2022, is explained by higher inflation and LeasePlan IT costs that are currently being reviewed as part of ALD | LeasePlan’s global digital architecture definition;

Thanks to LeasePlan, the Group has access to a significant base of deposits, amounting to EUR 11 billion as at 30 June 2023, thereby strongly increasing the diversification of its funding sources. Funding from parent Societe Generale, bonds and retail deposits would each account for between 25% and 30% of total funding, while securitisation and commercial loans would represent c. 10% each.

An established issuer on the market, ALD | LeasePlan has the best credit ratings among multi-brand car leasing player: Moody’s A1, Standard & Poor’s A- and Fitch A-. The Group expects to issue annually EUR 4-5 billion bonds through ALD S.A., EUR 1-1.5 billion securitisation while increasing its retail deposits base by c. EUR 1 billion p.a.

On successful completion of “PowerUP 2026”, ALD | LeasePlan will shape the future of mobility and address fast-growing markets from a clear leadership position, combining undisputed industry leadership, best position to capture growth and lead the transition to sustainable mobility, best-in-class operating efficiency, robust financial profile and strong track record of high profitability through the cycle.

Further details around ALD | LeasePlan’s strategic targets will be presented on 21 September 2023, when ALD | LeasePlan holds its Capital Markets Day.

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[1] Excluding entities held for sale

[2] Source: CVA

[3] Source: BCG, BofA, CVA and IEA

[4] Net carrying amount of the rental fleet plus receivables on finance leases

[5] Based on current market assumptions

[6] Electric Vehicles: Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug in Hybrids

[7] Mobility as a Service. Product currently known as “ALD Move”

[8] Full-time equivalent headcount

[9] Combined entity, excluding Used Car Sales results, reduction in depreciation costs, costs to achieve the integration of LeasePlan and non-operating items

[10]electric Mobility Service Provider

[11] WLTP (The Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure)

[12] Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 limited to business travel, paper and waste

[13] Net income, Group share after deduction of interest on AT1 capital / average tangible equity after dividend provision

[14] Of net income, Group share, after deduction of interest on AT1 capital

[15] Cost / Income ratio of the combined entity in 2022, based on public disclosure, excluding UCS results, reduction in depreciation costs, costs to achieve the integration of LeasePlan and non-recurring items

Published at September 18, 2023
September 18, 2023
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