Sustainable mobility never looked so good: Introducing our new brand

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Welcome to the new world of mobility – and with it, a brand-new look and feel for our company which embodies our ambition to the be the leading global sustainable mobility player. We’re excited to be embarking on our journey as Ayvens, so here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of our new brand!
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Creating a new brand identity for a global business is a uniquely exciting challenge – and it was an important step for us as a newly merged company with big ambitions. After all, what better way to unite us all and inspire the next leg of our journey, as we get to work reimagining the future of mobility?

“The brand creation process started with brainstorming sessions and workshops where our brand taskforce was encouraged to let their creative juices flow,” explains Stephanie Jonville, Chief Communications Officer at Ayvens. “Once we had ideas in place, it was a question of narrowing down our options until we determined the brand elements that would best represent who we are – and where we want to go.”

To help, we undertook an extensive legal name-checking process all around the world and set up focus groups to gather impressions and feedback from other stakeholders. After many months of hard work, we launched our new brand in October 2023!

What’s in a name?

The biggest decision was finding the right name for the new us. From more than 2,000 potential options, we whittled down our longlist to a shortlist before finally selecting: Ayvens.

With inspiration from words like ‘way’ which evokes the way forward, ‘advance’ for progress and the goodness represented by ‘heaven’, Ayvens is simple, memorable yet corporate name which embodies leadership, innovation and fluidity – making it a great fit for a new leader for better mobility.

Our new tagline also captures the essence of our brand: Better with every move. This short yet powerful tagline reinforces our commitment to changing mobility for the better in everything we do – whether it be digitalization, flexibility or sustainability. Our aim is to provide better mobility for our customers, for businesses and for the planet!

For us, Ayvens it is not just a brand. It’s a state of mind.

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going.

Whether for business or leisure.

We turn mobility into more than a destination: it’s an experience.

Our promise is simple: we make life flow better.

Through mobility that’s more seamless, more sustainable, for more people.

In more ways and in more places than ever before.

Ayvens. Better with every move.

Ayvens’ manifesto in a nutshell

Vibrant visuals

But there’s more: our new identity is comprised of new vibrant visuals to accompany our new name.

With the goal of decarbonising mobility firmly embedded in our DNA and in our strategy, we wanted to embody our sustainability ambitions in our brand, too – which is why our fresh new look and feel is heavily inspired by the natural world around us. You’ll see this not just in the photography style we use, but also in our main brand colours, sustainable turquoise, serene blue and freedom white, supported by a touch of optimistic yellow.

What’s more, we’ve opted for a friendly, dynamic font that captures our supportive, inspiring, authentic and optimistic personality perfectly. And our new symbol, drawn from the letter A (for Ayvens), represents the coming together of our two legacy companies, symbolising our strength, unity and progress.

Earning the seal of approval

So with the elements all in place, what happened when it was time for the rest of the world to meet Ayvens?

“We’re very proud of what we’ve created, it was a great collective work between ALD Automotive and LeasePlan to create this new brand, as a new beginning built together. We now look forward to seeing this new global mobility brand live worldwide, supporting our ambitions to be the leading global mobility player!”

Want to know more about our makeover? Head to the brand page!

Published at October 16, 2023

October 16, 2023
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