Let’s celebrate Pride! How an inclusive experience starts before you join Ayvens

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Happy Pride Month from Ayvens! We’re buzzing with excitement to share how we’re spreading inclusivity and acceptance across our community, which spans 42 countries. At Ayvens, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy is at the core of everything we do—from welcoming new team members to creating a vibrant, supportive community.

Our very own Maxim Sergeev, Director of Talent, Performance, Diversity, and Culture, captures the spirit of our mission well:

"With our DE&I strategy, we’re building a workplace where everyone, no matter their background, identity, or sexual orientation, feels safe and supported. This Pride Month, we’re launching initiatives to support the LGBT+ community, ensuring everyone can be their true selves at Ayvens."

Inclusive language

Let’s dive into our story. Picture this: a job posting that feels like it’s written just for you, with clear, inclusive language that makes you feel seen and valued. That’s what we aim for at Ayvens. We avoid gender-specific terms and emphasis our commitment to diversity because we want everyone to feel encouraged to apply. When applications start rolling in, we take it a step further with blind CV reviews. We focus solely on what matters—your skills and experience. This helps us look beyond unconscious biases and see the incredible potential in every candidate.

And when it’s time for interviews, we make sure they’re as fair and unbiased as possible. By using standardised questions and consistent evaluation criteria, we ensure that every candidate gets a fair shot at joining our team.

Better with every move

Inclusion at Ayvens is about so much more than just recruitment. Once you join our community, we commit to make sure you feel valued and supported. We’re prouder than ever to take structural and strategic actions to ensure that DEI – including LGBT+ rights - are part of our business-as-usual, through:

1/ A dedicated Employee Resource Group (ERG), Pride and Allies, that’s all about connection, shared experiences, and mutual support, creating a real sense of belonging and community. 2/ A zero-tolerance approach to discrimination globally 3/ Executive sponsorship of all of our DE&I initiatives 4/ A global approach to setting DE&I policies and standards on topics like Inclusive Communication & Recruitment

We also believe in the power of learning and growing together. That’s why we offer regular training options on inclusive language, allyship, trust and creating safe spaces at work.

Our commitment to DE&I is not just a one-month affair. Ayvens is dedicated to making inclusivity a year-round topic. Our LGBT+ ERG will play a huge role in shaping our future initiatives, ensuring that our DE&I practices evolve and foster collaboration.

So, as we celebrate Pride Month, we invite everyone to join in our initiatives and become (active) allies. By embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive recruitment process, we’re building a workplace where everyone can truly thrive.

All are welcome here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Published at June 27, 2024
June 27, 2024
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