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The automotive market is in constant motion and the last few years have been affected by several constraints. From the microchip crisis, to delays in new car deliveries, to the inflationary context, there have been several occurrences that have marked the automotive sector.

To answer to these and other questions, LeasePlan has been developing a quarterly analysis to inform, clarify and support our customers in the day-to-day management of a fleet.

Learn about the measures LeasePlan suggests in the current context

In the latest edition, LeasePlan presents you with the first indicators that the upward trend in prices seen in recent years may be reversing.

The slight decrease in inflation, the increase in discounts on new vehicles and the reduction in vehicle delivery times are some of the reasons. ​ This information will be updated periodically and you can consult it at any time.

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#11 DRIVE Magazine

We dedicated the 11th edition of Drive Magazine to the theme of disruption in the automotive market, where we explain more details about this crisis.

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