Fleet cost optimisation:

Driving sustainablility and savings with Ayvens.

Fleet costs are made up of many factors and staying on top of them is essential for any business to budget for the future. Whether you aim to monitor or manage your fleet expenses over time, create initiatives for cost improvement, or plan strategically, we are here to assist you. Ayvens has the experience to help you analyse the total cost of fleet enabling better-informed decisions and strategic planning.

Manage your TCO efficiently

The cost of a vehicle is more than just the purchase price. When managing a fleet, it’s important to look at all costs that go into operation a vehicle. This is called the total cost of ownership (TCO). It includes maintenance, fuel, insurance, and depreciation too.

Managing direct and indirect costs

Direct costs consist of depreciation, interest, vehicle repair and maintenance, tyres, insurance, fuel consumption, tax, and fleet management fees. Indirect fleet costs, though trickier to quantify, significantly impact your bottom line. These include time spent on fleet management processes and administration, as well as employee productivity factors like driver downtime and motivation.

Optimising expenses

Beyond competitive procurement practices that reduce fleet costs, core changes in your fleet’s structure can yield substantial long-term savings. Utilising our Ayvens fleet reporting tool and Ayvens’ expertise, we help you spot opportunities for cost improvement.

Understanding the key components of your TCO allows us to implement strategies that control expenses, ensuring a more cost-effective and efficient fleet management.

  1. reporting

Methods to optimise your fleet's TCO

There are many levers to look at when it comes to optimising the total cost of fleet ownerships. These are just a few that you can start with and for a more detailed analysis of your fleet costs, get in contact with us.


Benchmarking is the start in any cost optimisation project. Firstly, it’s important to understand all your current fleet costs across all cost levers like, repairs, depreciation, insurance, tyres, fuel and more. Once you have an overview of all fleet costs then you can compare against peers to see where possible costs savings can come from. At Ayvens, our Consultancy Services is here to support you with benchmarking and fleet cost optimisation.

Supplier management

Proper supplier management and techniques can be used to reduce fleet costs. Ayvens can help with supplier management by reviewing your fleet composition to reduce costs without affecting driver choice or satisfaction. Taking a strictly independent view, we help you define your vehicle requirements; prepare and run tenders with manufacturers; compare tyre, maintenance and other suppliers, and make TCO comparisons for different vehicle types.

Used car leasing

Leasing like you are used to, with more flexibility and lower costs, leaving more cash for your core business. Ayvens has a broad variety of used vehicles and they come with the same services you are used to when leasing a new vehicle. These cars are high quality ex-lease cars, with a full maintenance history and low mileage. Discover the benefits that used car lease can have for your business.

Consider electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and more cost efficient. Research from Ayvens shows that in many European countries the total cost of ownership for an EV is the same cost or cheaper than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Consultancy Services: Insights and advice to keep your fleet strategy on track

Our Consultancy Services are experts on fleet policy, cost optimisation, benchmarking and fleet electrification. The Ayvens Consultants cam provide advice on:

  1. Defining your fleet strategy

    Whether you want to reduce cost, increase driver safety or satisfaction and/or reduce your company’s CO2 emissions, Ayvens will help define your strategy looking at your business and set the right fleet objectives.

  2. Optimising your fleet cost

    thanks to our analysis and fleet insights, we provide you transparency and make sure you can budget properly.

  3. Optimising your processes

    We analyse your daily fleet management processes so that your daily operations run smoothly and more cost-effectively.

  4. Mobility budget

    We advise and support you in implementation of mobility budgets and even advise in salary sacrifice programmes if required.

International fleet management

Are you responsible for managing an international fleet? Navigating the complexities of global fleet management requires specialised expertise. Ayvens offers tailored solutions for international fleet managers like you.