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The transition to electric mobility

So you can make the transition to electric mobility and enjoy all its benefits, worry-free.

Now your path to electric mobility is not just the most natural one. It's also the easiest. Fast. And without a doubt.

Whether for you, your company or your employees, Ayvens Electric is more than just having an electric car.

A complete leasing solution

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Electric Vehicle

Have all the services included in a single monthly rent. And the ease of being able to switch to a new model as technology evolves.


Charging Card

A card that gives you access to the entire public charging network. We reduce the administrative burden by managing the energy card for you. Consumption available for consultation on My Ayvens Fleet portal.



Various charging solutions, adapted to every need. Installation and maintenance by Ayvens. The charger is property of the customer from the moment it is installed.



To make things even easier, Ayvens guides you through every stage of the process, suggesting the vehicle type and charging solution best suited to your case.

What are the charging options?

Choose the ideal solution for you or your company.

Available for individuals and companies that intend or have already switched to electric mobility, we have several charging options, leveraged on EDP Comercial's charging solutions.


For those who live in a house or have a private parking space and are looking for a simple solution to charge their vehicle.

Main features:

• More economical and simple to use solution; • Access to cheaper rates (for example, if you have a two-hour option); • Possibility of upgrading to a model with a communication interface to manage charges.

Home Plus

For those who live in a building with parking and need to settle accounts with the condominium.

Main features:

• Automatic settlement of accounts, with the condominium, via digital wallet in the app;

• Authentication and scheduling of charges, via app;

• Monitoring and management of all consumption, via app, both for the user and for the condominium;

• Configuration of the energy tariff to be applied to all tenants.


For companies looking to create charging infrastructures on their premises and individually manage all their drivers' consumption.

Main features:

• Customized according to the client's needs;

• Monitoring of the entire process by our reference partner - EDP Comercial.

Biz Plus

For company vehicles, a solution that allows you to charge in private homes, condominiums or public spaces, with full transparency in the accounts between the company and the employee.

Main features:

• Replication of the public loading model to a private environment; • Activation of private charger via CEME card; • Automatic separation of energy spent on charging from private energy; • No need to settle accounts between company and employee; • Monitor available consumption, for online consultation, via My Ayvens Fleet.

A solution full of advantages

We rely on our partner - EDP Comercial - for charging solutions.

If there were doubts about the charging solutions, now there are no more.

This is the way!

Ayvens Electric can also include

  1. carCombustion Vehicle

    Do you suffer from autonomy anxiety? You can always choose to include a combustion vehicle for longer trips.

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How does the installation of the Ayvens Electric charger work?

Can I have a charging station at home? Yes, you can. But for this to happen you must have the necessary conditions: **Adequate parking space, namely**: • Living in a private house or using a private parking box in a condominium: in this case, installing the charging station will not be a problem, we will only have to check the technical installation conditions; • Living in a condominium and using a shared parking lot or an adjacent storage room: during the installation process, you will have to request authorization from the condominium association in order to install the charger. Ayvens provides a draft, where the driver will only have to put personal data and the location of installation. By law, the condominium is obliged to comply with this request, unless conditions do not exist; • Living in an area without private or collective parking: in this case, the driver will not have the installation conditions and will have to use public charging stations close to their area of residence, or charging stations that the employer may have at the workplace. In addition, if you opt for **connected charging stations, you must meet the following conditions**: • Connectivity in the parking space: in case you don't have enough network, a router will be installed; • A single-phase or three-phase electrical installation: in case of a single-phase, it must have a minimum contracted power of 5.75kVA; in case of a three-phase, it must have a minimum contracted power of 13.8kVA; • Have a smart meter (EMI): you can check this data on the website of your energy operator, in the meter data section. If you do not have this type of counter, it will be changed during the installation process.What if my condominium does not authorize the installation of the charger? You will always need to obtain a declaration of acceptance by the condominium for the installation of your charger. Ayvens together with EDP can assist you in obtaining the declaration and possible conflict management.Can I move my charger? Whenever you want to move the charger you will have to contact the appropriate professionals, you should not do it without a specialized team, since it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall it. Ayvens offers the service to change the charger's address.What should I do if my car isn't charging? If possible, try a different charging station. If your car still won't charge, contact Ayvens. We will make an appointment to verify the problem.

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