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Lease vs buy

Making the right choice for you.

When it’s time to change car, are you torn between leasing and buying your next vehicle? Have you thought about that? Buying a car is frequently the chosen option. But why is worth it? Not making the down payment? Always driving the latest model? Then you should consider operational leasing as a solution for you and for your business.

At Ayvens, we understand that the decision can be challenging, and it all comes down to your priorities. Let's delve into the key differences between leasing and buying to help you make an informed choice.

Leasing or buying

When it comes to acquiring a new vehicle, you have two primary options: leasing and buying. Let's explore the key differences between these choices.

The benefits of leasing

Operational leasing means less work and more cost control and forecasting.

  • No down payment
  • More free time
  • Always drive a new car with each contract
  • Fixed monthly fee which includes everything
  • Services, insurance and roadside assistance included
  • You don’t need to worry about selling the car
  • 24-hour assistance service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Flexible contracts


Buying a car means there are some financial risks to keep in mind.

  • The car is yours
  • When you sell the car, the money is yours
  • High initial purchase effort
  • High devaluation in the first few years
  • Unpredictable costs
  • Personal time invested in car-related matters

  1. Price

    Operational Leasing You don’t need to make a down payment and the fixed monthly fee includes costs such as insurance, services, tires or road assistance. The only extra cost is the fuel. Besides that, you benefit from the negotiating power of Ayvens which, when negotiating bulk purchases with the car manufacturing makes, obtains economies of scale which result in more attractive monthly rents. With operational leasing, you don’t own the car. You are only paying to use it for a fixed period.

    Buying When you buy a car, you must finance the purchase with your own funds, becoming the owner. Your budget must include the budget for regulars’ costs such as insurance, taxes and annual maintenance. Moreover, you’ll have to cover any unforeseeable expenses such as corrective maintenance, tires, fuel or any cost that may arise. When you sell the car, the money is yours.

  2. Financial predictability

    Leasing Leasing offers financial predictability with fixed monthly payments, including maintenance and services, so you can budget effectively without unexpected expenses.

    Buying Owning a car can come with unpredictable maintenance and repair costs, which may not be included in your budget.

  3. Flexibility

    Leasing With operational leasing service you always have the flexibility to adjust the terms of your contract (duration and mileage) according to your requirements and, whenever you renew it, you can choose a new, more recent model. And it does not require any down payment or the settlement of the total amount of the car, you will not have to make a major initial effort, freeing up resources for other personal or business needs.

    Buying Buying a car does not require any contract. And you have the flexibility to sell it whenever you want. However, selling your car, you may face depreciation costs, and selling is not as predictable as ending a lease.

  4. Option to upgrade to newer models

    Leasing With leasing, you have the option to upgrade to newer models more frequently, often every few years, so you will always have a new car with the latest automotive technology.

    Buying When buying a car, upgrading to a newer model typically involves selling your current vehicle, which can be less frequent and more time-consuming.

  5. Convenience

    Leasing Operational leasing releases you from any worries and allows you to spend your time doing what you like most! All you need to do is to pay the monthly fee and take the car for its scheduled maintenance when necessary. LeasePlan carries out all operations related with cost management, informing you and guiding you in all matters pertaining to your car and your contract. With Ayvens you do the driving and we do the rest.

    Buying When you own the car, you need time to coordinate various services with different providers, such as, for example, dealing with insurance, financing requirements, paying taxes or dealing with services and insurance.

And more:

  1. And do you know the differences between operational leasing and financial leasing?

    It is a topic that raises many doubts. Therefore, we are here to help you to know the differences! Learn more about operational leasing or financial leasing.

  2. And if you fall in love with the car you drive during the contract and never want to part with it again, you won't have to.

    You can buy it at the end of the contract at market value.

Do the maths!

When you buy a car, take into account costs such as insurance, interest and taxes. And what about the maintenance, tires and other unexpected expenses?

Car operational leasing includes all this and much more for a fixed monthly fee. But don’t just believe what we say - compare the costs yourself.

Do you need any further information? Contact us and we can advise you during the decision-making process.

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