Navigating fleet financing:

From buying to full-service leasing.

There are many ways to finance your fleet. From buying the vehicles and managing them yourself to full-service leasing, where a leasing company finances and manages your fleet with you. At Ayvens, we offer a wide range of flexible financing solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our financing options provide cost-effective ways to acquire and manage vehicles, offering operational and financial benefits. Let’s dive into the different methods of financing a fleet and the details of each option.


As a company, you finance your vehicles with company money or with a bank loan. Managing the fleet will be done by an employee. The typical fleet management tasks this employee or employees will need to do range from ordering vehicles to managing fuel, driver services, taxation and eventually, selling the vehicle. When a company funds the vehicles in fleet, the company also takes on the residual value risk.

Financial lease only

A financial lease is almost the opposite of a management only lease. With a financial lease, the fleet management company will finance a company’s vehicles while the management of the vehicles is done by the company and not the fleet management (leasing) company. Typically contracts are 3-4 years long and the fleet management company takes on the residual value risk.

Management only

With a management only lease contract, the company still finances the purchase of the vehicles with company money or a bank loan, but a fleet management (leasing) company manages the vehicle services. The residual value risk stays with the company as the vehicles are still company owned. With a management only lease, the fleet management company will take care of a fleet matters from ordering and managing cars to supporting drivers.

Full-service leasing

Full service leasing is the most all-encompassing leasing option. The fleet management company (e.g Ayvens) finances the purchase of the vehicles and manages the fleet, from ordering, fuel management and driver services. The fleet management company also bears the residual value and the risk for repairs and maintenance costs. Contracts are typically 3-4 years long with options to extend or go for a flexible contract.

Advantages of fleet management with full-service leasing

  1. Global experience and knowledge

    Harness the power of an efficient fleet without the operational hassles, and lean on Ayvens' global expertise.

  2. Comprehensive monthly rates

    Experience the simplicity of monthly lease payments, which encompass everything from repairs and maintenance to insurance and road tax.

  3. Mitigated operational risks

    Say goodbye to unexpected costs and unplanned vehicle repairs. With Ayvens’ inclusive monthly fee, you're protected from sudden expenses and the uncertainties of vehicle residual values.

  4. Optimal capital allocation

    Direct your business's resources towards pivotal growth initiatives. With Ayvens managing your fleet, employees benefit from state-of-the-art vehicles without a substantial upfront commitment from your end.

  5. Decades of expertise

    Ayvens, a union of ALD Automotive and LeasePlan, stands as a testament to excellence and innovation in global mobility. Our journey has been marked by strategic growth, always aiming to redefine the future of mobility. Our commitment is clear: simpler, smarter, and sustainable fleet solutions for every business.

  6. Leadership in sustainable mobility

    As we transition into the future, Ayvens leads the charge. Boasting the world's most extensive multi-brand EV fleet and managing a staggering 3.4 million vehicles globally, our ambition remains unwavering. We're not just participants; we're shaping the very future of sustainable mobility.

One size doesn't fill all

Leasing options to fit your business.
Ayvens Flex

For many of us, flexibility is key and that is what Ayvens Flex offers. The flexibility to have a full-service lease from 1-24 months, a vehicle that’s available immediately, no early termination fees if you decide to return it early and a replacement vehicle if your car is out of service (for repairs) for more than 1 day.

Ayvens Electric

Ready to make the switch to electric? Ayvens are experts at fleet electrification and here to support fleets and drivers in making that change. With advice on charging, updating car policies, transition support and more, it has never been easier to make the switch. Find out more about transition to an electric fleet.

Used car leasing

Looking for a lease car but on a budget? Or need a car quickly? Used car leasing can be the perfect solution. All cars are four years old or younger, well maintained and have a low mileage. Leasing a used car means the car is available to be delivered much faster than a new car, 12-month leases are available, and it is more affordable than leasing a new car. Find out more about used car leasing.

Commercial vehicle leasing

At Ayvens, we know a van is not a car and requires a different approach. This is why we are specialised in both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Offering tailor-made advice on LCVs from choosing the right vehicle to setting up racking, we are here for you. Find out more about leasing a commercial vehicle.