Driver safety & satisfaction:

Cultivating safe and content drivers

At Ayvens, our commitment lies in placing the safety of your drivers and the integrity of your fleet at the forefront of our priorities. As the leading mobility provider, we're deeply committed to ensuring the security and well-being of both the individuals behind the wheel and the vehicles they drive. We offer detailed accident reports and promote safe driving practices, significantly reducing accidents and CO2 emissions while cutting fuel and damage costs. With our active prevention approach, we assist your drivers in enhancing their skills and adopting responsible driving habits.

Proactive maintenance for safe vehicles

Ayvens' advanced service levels rely on proactive vehicle maintenance. Your drivers receive timely reminders form Ayvens to schedule service appointments, ensuring their vehicles are in top condition to keep them safe on the road. This proactive approach offers multiple advantages:

An active prevention approach to safety

Instead of waiting for accidents to happen, Ayvens takes a proactive approach to improve driver safety with active prevention. This approach contains 5 steps and is done with Ayvens and you. These steps are:

  1. Ensure management buy in

    This includes setting up a safety board, agreeing on KPIs and creating a reporting structure.

  2. Collect relevant data

    Looking into current claims statistics to set a starting baseline.

  3. Perform a root cause analysis

    Starting with benchmarking and analysing potential risk factors.

  4. Propose preventive actions

    Ayvens will propose measures such as training, introduction of new technology, incentive or penalty programmes and more.

  5. Annual renewal and check in

    After implementation there should be few accidents, safer drivers and lower insurance premiums. It’s also the moment to go back to step 2, check the claims statics and review if the impact of the changes.

My Ayvens: The driver's self-service hub

We understand that empowered drivers are safer drivers. That's why we provide a unique self-service hub, My Ayvens, designed to support your drivers in their journey towards safety and satisfaction. Through My Ayvens, drivers can easily book repairs, report incidents, schedule tyre changes, and update mileage—all with a few clicks. This streamlined platform minimises paperwork, saves time, and ensures top-notch service quality. By offering drivers these tools and resources, we reinforce our commitment to safety and driver satisfaction. Through My Ayvens, drivers can:

Safety first approach: utilising driver data for enhanced security

Driver safety is not just a priority; it’s our commitment. Company car drivers face a 50% higher crash and casualty rate compared to private motorists. At Ayvens, we leverage your driver data for a safety first approach. Gain direct access to your fleet data for profound insights, allowing you to establish governance structures and agree upon safety key performance indicators (KPIs).

We also provide comprehensive driver training, empowering your drivers to reduce accidents and lower insurance premiums. This not only decreases immobilisation time and fuel costs but also contributes to significant reductions in CO2 emissions.


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