Ayvens Flex

Lease a vehicle quickly and easily at short notice.

When the future in uncertain, flexibility is the best plan.

To have a car when you need it. And stop having when you understand to do so.

Challenging times call for agile responses. With Ayvens Flex, the short-term solution with the advantage of having all services included in a monthly rent, plus the freedom of a short-term rental. With immediate delivery, terms from six months, with competitive costs and unlimited mileage. To go as far as you want - but if you change your plans along the way, you can terminate when you understand at no cost.

Sometimes you need a flexible solution. Whether you're hiring a new employee, working on a short project, or have a seasonal business, Ayvens Flex has you covered.

The benefits of Ayvens Flex

  1. Immediately available and no early termination costs

    You determine how long you want to have the vehicle, and if plans change and you want to return it sooner, you will not be charged with an early termination fee. And there’s a wide range of young vehicles immediately available. You just have to select the category.

  2. Full-service leasing

    Full-service leasing for a fixed monthly fee, including maintenance, repair, tyres, insurance and road taxes.

  3. Less administrative burden

    With a competitive costs, you can centralize the procedures in a single mobility provider for any duration and have a dedicated account manager to help with all your questions.

  4. Always mobile

    With unlimited mileage, road assistance is of course included, and if repairing the vehicle takes more than one day, we will provide a replacement vehicle.

Ayvens Flex allows you to lease a car for a short term while enjoying the same level of services and terms as an operational lease car. The key advantage is that the periods of use are flexible, as you can lease a car starting from 6 month.

Lease an Ayvens Flex vehicle

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