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Take care of your business. Leave your fleet management to Ayvens.

The fleet is yours.

Let Ayvens do the worrying.

Against a background of as much uncertainty as we are going through, predictability has never been so important for those who manage.

Fortunately, there is Ayvens Management: the solution for fleet management with completely predictable costs. ​ With all car management services included, your company benefits from the advantages of operational leasing – even if you prefer to maintain the ownership of your fleet.

With the guarantee of the world leader in fleet management, this service ensures:

More predictability or more control?

The choice is yours: opt for Secure Management or Controlled Management.
Secure Management

Against such an uncertain background, peace of mind is an invoice without any surprises.

Stop worrying about the costs of managing your fleet! With Secure Management they are always the same, every month. See the benefits:

Global management of your fleet: a single service can include a replacement vehicle, tyres, MOT, claims management, fuel and energy cards, tolls and fines management. • Simplified management. Budgets, approvals and invoices to be validated? Leave it to Ayvens. • Access to the supplier network and demanding audit processes, which guarantees quality at a very competitive cost. • Total control, with detailed reports of everything that happens to your fleet. And no deviations from your budget.

Controlled Management

Manage your budget with greater control, cutting costs.

If you prefer to maintain absolute control of your fleet, Controlled Management is for you. We manage all your services and re-bill them at more competitive prices.

Global management of your fleet: a single service can include a replacement vehicle, tyres, MOT, claims management, fuel and energy cards, tolls and fines management. • Simpler administrative processes - consolidated billing with a single supplier. • Control of interventions and costs dealt with by Ayvens specialists. • All the interventions are on the Ayvens network, with an assurance of quality and preferential treatment. • Detailed reports that make managing your fleet easier.


The path is followed according to the needs of each customer.

The degree of involvement and risk in fleet management is different depending on the option chosen.

Say goodbye to all that red tape.

  1. chatAnd have the peace of mind of counting on permanent support.

    **In any of the options, Ayvens Management Services provides you with the Ayvens quality of service and support. And it now has: **

    It also has the support of Ayvens to schedule interventions at workshops, with service authorisations 7 days a week, quick workshop services without the need for an appointment and maintenance services with immediate confirmation.

  2. maintenanceWith the strictest quality control.

    With Ayvens Service Management Services you don't have to worry about the quality of the maintenance service: Ayvens takes care of it for you. All suppliers are certified and regularly audited and all budgets are strictly controlled.

    We validate intervention times and operations to be carried out according to the manufacturer's plan, operations with overlapping costs, as well as parts prices. We monitor the materials used and all operations not foreseen by the manufacturer.

    Yet another reason to entrust the management of your fleet to Ayvens. And gain peace of mind.

    100% transparent reports:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Management Services

What do I gain from handing over my fleet management to Ayvens? By transferring the management of your fleet to Ayvens, you will only have a single supplier and you will be able to get better prices. I'd like to have maximum cost predictability without budget deviations, which product is right for me? Secure Management which, through a fixed monthly payment, allows you to have the cost predictability you are looking for. Any type of variation will be covered by Ayvens. I want to have access to the best prices, but without losing absolute control of my fleet. Which product is best suited for me? In this case, you must opt for Controlled Management, whereby Ayvens manages all the services and rebills at a competitive price. I need to monitor all interventions that take place in my vehicles. How can I do it? Ayvens provides a detailed report of all its interventions and attendant costsWhat is the maximum number of kilometres my vehicles can have to contract the management service? Ayvens manages vehicles with a maximum of 250,000 km (initial mileage + contracted mileage). How long can a management contract be active for? Ayvens allows you to have an active contract for up to 96 months.Do management services only include maintenance? In addition to preventive and corrective maintenance, you can add other services such as replacement vehicle, claims management, MOT, electric or fuel card, fines management, and much more. What is the maximum number of kilometres my vehicles can have to contract an unlimited tyre allowance? Up to a maximum of 200,000 km.I work with other insurers but needed help with claims management. Is this possible? Yes. Ayvens can manage claims for your fleet, handling all processes directly with your insurer.

Do you want fleet management with more predictability, control and savings?

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