Business partners

Ayvens has developed a business model for the indirect distribution of its products and services. For this purpose, it has a network of Partners including vehicle retailers, financial organisations and vehicle makers. If you are a Ayvens Partner, you also have access to the leasing and service quote simulator.

Vehicle retail

With Ayvens as a partner, you not only have the best leasing, fleet management and vehicle service solutions.

You also have a partner who is always ready to make life easier for vehicle Dealerships – with a specialist team, exclusive services and quick access to all the information. Using the – @business online platform, you can do simulations to present to your Clients.

Leasing Partners Ayvens has a team that specialises in monitoring and developing partnerships for vehicle retail.

For more information, contact us on the Partners Support Line:707200003 or via email.

Service Partners Ayvens has developed a range of services associated with vehicle mobility, marketed exclusively in vehicle retail.

@business quote simulator

Much more than a quote simulator. An innovative tool developed for the specific needs of our leasing and service Partners.

Access the @business simulator

Real-time guarantees

For used vehicle partners, Ayvens offers the Online Used Car Guarantee platform. Totally adapted to the state of the current market, the Online Used Car Guarantee allows you to simulate, create and manage guarantees more quickly and conveniently.

Access the Online Used Car Guarantee platform

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    For more information, contact us on our Support Line 800 20 42 98 (cost-free call) or via email.