What is operational leasing?

Operational leasing, or long-term operational vehicle rental, is the mobility solution that allows you to benefit from full use of the car you have chosen by paying a fixed monthly rent. And all this without having to worry about the costs associated with its use as they are all included in the service. For both private or professional use.

With operational leasing, you get all the advantages of having a car without the usual worries! You can drive the car (s) of your choice and all the costs are included in the monthly fee, even unforeseeable ones.

The monthly rent is calculated in line with your choices:

With operational leasing, you know exactly how much you are going to pay per month and no surprises!

All the costs related with use of the car are included in the service on just one invoice (preventive and corrective maintenance, car insurance and financial guarantee, roadside assistance, tyres, replacement vehicle, IUC (road tax), MOT inspection (mandatory periodic check-up), claim management, driver helpline 24h per day and personalised assistance), affording you greater cost control and financial availability to meet other private expenses or business needs.

At the end of the agreement, you have the flexibility to decide what you want to do:

Not all operational leasing agreements on the market cover the same services. Always bear this in mind when you are comparing different offers. Find out which services are usually included in Ayvens operational leasing.

Ready to lease?

At Ayvens, our goal is to simplify car leasing for you. Whether you're an individual seeking the ideal car or a business considering leasing, we offer a diverse range of passenger cars, LCVs, and innovative EV options. For those looking into more extensive fleet solutions, our fleet management services are just a click away. Discover our curated offers for individuals and offers for businesses to find the perfect fit.

Business lease

Business leasing is a an affordable , hassle-free way to keep your business mobile in a brand new car of your drivers' choice.

Private lease

Enjoy all the benefits of private leasing, such as a fixed monthly rate including maintenance and insurance. No risk, no hassle.

Do you want to lease a van?

Configure the van or LCV that best suits your profession.

The services included in the Ayvens monthly fee:


Set of covers including: civil liability, damage to own vehicle, financial guarantee (if the vehicle is a total write-off), driver protection, occupant protection, windshield and glass claims, acts of vandalism and natural phenomena, premium full warranty (car damage caused or increased by the driver's careless use) and reconditioning insurance for the sum of 500€ + VAT (intended to protect you upon agreement termination from any costs associated with any damage to the car).


Preventive and corrective maintenance

All preventive maintenance is included, in other words, that which is scheduled and which follows the service plan set out by the manufacturer, as well as corrective maintenance, in other words, any unforeseen repairs deriving from car breakdowns or wear and tear.


Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is covered and is available on request and as from kilometre zero of the agreement in force, nationwide and internationally (it includes a breakdown service, towing and the repatriation of the occupants).



Unlimited tyre replacement with their alignments and calibration provided that the safety conditions so require.


Replacement car

You can benefit from use of the replacement car in the event of an accident, repairs, breakdowns, services, theft or robbery.


IUC (Road Tax)

Payment of IUC, as well as the sending of that documentation legally required in order to drive the car.


MOT inspection

The IPO amount is included (mandatory periodic check-up). You can rest assured, Ayvens will warn you in advance so you don't forget to put in your car for its periodic service.

Accident management

Permanent support in the event of an accident. We deal with the commencement of the procedure, loss adjustments and the monitoring of repair until its completion.


24h Support contact

Available 24 hours per day for any matter pertaining to your car, contact us on the driver helpline 800 20 42 98 (cost-free call) in Portugal or +351 214 40 09 10 (fixed-line network cost call) abroad; the Mobile App or by e-mail servico.cliente@ayvens.com.

Why choose Ayvens for your leasing needs?

At Ayvens, we pride ourselves on more than just offering vehicles. We're your partners in mobility, ensuring every step of your leasing journey is met with expertise, transparency, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Our team of dedicated professionals is always on hand to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure you get the most out of your leasing experience. Discover more reasons to choose us on our why lease with Ayvens page.

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Differences between private individual and business leasing

While the foundations of leasing remain the same whether you have a business lease or private lease, there are some practical differences between a private and business lease.

Eco-friendly options

As we move towards a more sustainable future, Ayvens is at the forefront of offering eco-friendly leasing options. Our range of electric vehicles (EVs) is not only a testament to our commitment to the environment but also to our dedication to providing the latest in automotive technology to our clients.

What can I expect from operation leasing with Ayvens?

Are the cars always brand new? In our offers, we have new cars available but also options for used car operational leasing. Learn more about [used car lease](targetSelf:/en-pt/leasing-with-us/leasing-solutions/used-car-leasing/).Can I choose any make, model or equipment for the new car? You can configure your car. You can choose any car (make and model), in the light passenger, mixed or commercial segments, with a gross weight up to 3,500 kg, up to 9 seats and available in mainland Portugal. You can also opt for one of our pre-configured [special offers](targetSelf:/en-pt/private-lease/).What are my obligations in an operational leasing contract? You will need to pay the monthly fee and strive for the appropriate use and maintenance of the car. Besides that, you should also:  – Check the pressure and general condition of the tyres; – Check the oil and water levels – Take the car to any preventive maintenance (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions) or corrective maintenance that the car requires; – Notify Ayvens about any incident that affects the proper upkeep of the car; – If the time-frame so justifies, take the car for a MOT inspection.What are the main differences between operational leasing and buying a car? There are many advantages of the operational leasing when compared with buying a new car. Find out the [differences between operational leasing and buying](targetSelf:/en-pt/leasing-with-us/lease-vs-buy/) and do the maths yourself!Who does the car belong to during the operational leasing contract? Although it is the customer who chooses the car that wishes to drive, it is Ayvens which owns it and, by a payment of a monthly fee, makes it available for use.What am I allowed to do with the car? To drive the car, you must hold a current driving licence and you must look after the car throughout the contract period and follow the rules of the highway code.Does an operational leasing contract involve making a down payment? Usually, Ayvens offers do not require any down payment.